Author: Amy Mizuno

Archive:, DHML... If you want, ask me first.

Rating: PG

Pairing: 1x2, mainly 1 & 4 friendship

Warnings: AU, OOC Heero

Disclaimer: I don't own GW.

Note: Lots of thanks to my beta Junebug. ^_^

Birthday Cookies

Hands shook the figure that hid under the large fluffy blanket. "Quatre..." The body just buried even deeper into the thick mass of fluff with a soft moan of protest.

"Wake up, Quatre!" The hands were now impatiently tugging at the white cover.

A blond head was peeking out from the whiteness. Soft blue eyes were half opened. "Hein?" A pair of excited eyes was staring back.

"Heero?" Blinking a few times to clear off some of the fogginess from sleep, Quatre spared a quick glace at the clock that sat on his bedside table and mumbled to his long-time friend, "It'd better be something good, to wake me up at 6:00 am." Blue eyes were threatening to close up again.

"Look, look, look." Heero waved the carefully wrapped package in his hand. "Look what Duo gave me for my birthday."

It was Japanese boy's birthday the day before. As the sole heir of the Yuy family, owner of one of the most influential corporations in the country, there was, evidently, a huge, formal birthday party that took place at the Yuy mansion the previous night. And of course, many extremely expensive gifts were received by the birthday boy.

None of those pricey presents made Heero as excited as he was now. Quatre would know; as the heir of WEI and Heero's best friend, he was one of the many attendants at the party.

Quatre had no clue what had Heero's American boyfriend had given him though. Duo seemed to be embarrassed to give his gift in public; he had given Heero his present in private after the party ended.

A pale arm shot out from under the white blanket to grab the package in Heero's hand. Quatre slowly undid the wrapping, and the present that was presented in front of him was...

A small wooden frame... with a piece of.... pineapple shaped? brown.... thing in it, fixed in the middle of the frame.

At least that's the answer the blond's half-asleep mind provided.

Heero smiled widely. "What do you think?"

The blond really didn't want to hurt his best friend's feelings by asking, 'what is it?' "It's nice," he said with a decided nod instead.

Heero was openly grinning now. "Don't you think the cookie looks like me?" The dark-haired boy started to point out the eyes, mouth and other features on the piece of sweetness.

Quatre took a closer look at the frame. It's a chocolate cookie alright, and it indeed bore a certain resemblance to his excited friend, even though the shape for Heero's brown hair was a bit off. Where did Heero find someone to frame the cookie for him in the middle of the night anyways? He seriously doubt that Duo did the framing himself...

The Yuy heir was now talking about putting the frame in his bedroom, on the center of the wall across from that king size bed of his....

Yes, Quatre was very happy for his friend, really. But did Heero really need to come wake him up at six to tell him about Duo's cookies?



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