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Pairings: 2+1

Rating: R

Disclaimer: This is an amateur effort and does not intend to infringe on the rights of Sunrise, Sotsu Agency, Asahi TV, and Bandai Visuals.

Note: This is written to celebrate 12/21/12 day and also a gift for Leslie who have kept cheering me on so I can finish this fic. *hugs* Leslie, this is for you. Happy 12/21/12!

Voiceless Beginning

In Sank Kingdom, there lies a thick forest where woodland creatures lived in relative peace. The tranquility in the forest was interrupted when a young man strode into it with crossbow in hands. He had short brown haired and deep blue eyes. This young man was Heero, the king's brother. His fighting skill was exceptional, no knights standing a chance beating him. He usually could move silently like a killer in the night. Not today, though.

Why not today? You see, Heero just received the news that he was to be married to a prince from the rival kingdom in the west. The peace treaty between the two kingdoms had been negotiated for quite some time and was finally agreed a month ago. To seal the deal or so to speak, the kings of each kingdom had agreed to a marriage. Since they themselves had been married, they offered their son, or brother in Heero's case, for the marriage.

It was this news which drove Heero into the forest. He needed to shoot something or he might-be- possibly-not-quite-accidentally shoot his kingly brother for deciding his fate without his consent. Stepping near some bushes, his eyes caught a shadow flying at the corner of his eyes. Heero turned around, took an aim, and shot his crossbow.

There was a cry and the shadow dropped down, revealing it to be a hare. Feeling his anger a bit appeased, Heero approached his kill. The satisfaction turned into confusion when he realized there were two arrows embedded in the hare.

It appeared there was another hunter in the forest. He had long braided chestnut hair and purple eyes. This hunter burst out from the bushes behind Heero a few seconds later, holding a bow and claiming it was his arrow which killed the hare.

Heero disagreed and shot an arrow at the hunter, who thankfully was nimble enough to evade it. The hunter retaliated and used his bow to take a shot at Heero, who evaded it effortlessly and shot another arrow at him. The forest soon turned into a two-person battleground, arrows flying here and there.

When the young hunter ran out of arrows, he tossed his bow and tackled Heero down. Heero quickly abandoned his crossbow and fought the hunter back. They kept fighting and rolling on the ground to evade the other's punches or kicks. There was no winner in their fight unfortunately, because their rolling took them straight into the lake.

The lake water managed to cool Heero's head, though. He climbed up and sat down on the grass, waiting for the other young man to emerge. When the hunter resurfaced, Heero glared at him but let him swim to the edge and climb up without any further reaction.

The hunter took it as a peace offering and started babbling about himself, the forest, and whatever else in his mind. While Heero had certainly calmed down, he still didn't feel like talking. He grunted and glared until the hunter decided that if Heero didn't want to talk, they could do something else for fun.

Heero raised his eyebrows in question and froze when the hunter leaned forward and kissed him. It took a few seconds for Heero to decide whether to push the hunter away or pull him closer. Remembering he would be soon shackled into a marriage, Heero decided to sow his seeds while he could. He pulled the hunter closer and soon they were back rolling on the grass. This time was with less violence but same aggressiveness.

Clothes flew around and some animals were spooked by the growls and cries from both young men. The noises went on for quite some time, driving the easily spooked animals away from the lake.

Heero had fallen asleep after their fourth round. He vaguely remembered waking up to slow kisses and the hunter's whispered words, however the sleep soon claimed him again before he managed to make a reply. When Heero woke up again, the sun was already low in the horizon. Heero felt a little disappointed that he was left alone but he finally remembered the hunter's whispered words. They were a request to meet again tomorrow.

Feeling cheered up, Heero stood up and gathered his clothes. When he emerged from the forest, Heero was wearing his rumpled clothes and was walking with a strange gait. It was quite a struggle to ride the horse back to the castle with his sore behind, but Heero wasn't a fighter for nothing. He gritted his teeth and steered his horse toward the castle. No matter how angry he was at his brother, Heero knew he wouldn't disobey his brother's order. He understood that his tasks and responsibilities as a prince could require a big sacrifice.

He would marry when the time came. But for now, he would enjoy whatever he had with the hunter. This plan didn't last long, though.

When Heero arrived at the castle, he was summoned by his brother to the throne hall. Heero changed his clothes and went to the throne hall. He froze as he took the tableau before him. His brother, the king, was standing by his throne. There was a man next to his brother; a man who really truly resembled the hunter from head to toe.

The king introduced the man as Duo, the heir from rival kingdom, who was also soon to be Heero's betrothed.

Heero stared at the hunter as the king explained this.

Duo, the hunter/rival kingdom's heir/soon-to-be his betrothed, grinned widely at Heero and stated that this would be the start of a beautiful relationship.



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