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Te Amo Part 8

30th of June, AC 197

"I think I can have Solo in my arms soon, Odin. He became more and more vivacious as if trying to come out from his cocoon. I can't wait to have him, Odin.

My son.... My son will be born soon.

I wonder what he will look like. Will he have his father's eyes? Will he have that silky chestnut gold hair?

I have so many things I want to do with him. Eating ice cream, playing basketball, going to Wonderland.... so many things..... I hope he will laugh like his father. ...... I hope I won't fail to make him happy.....


The Japanese boy looked up from where he was writing, frowning slightly. He slowly stood up, wobbling slightly, and grabbed the blue diary. He walked toward the main computer and pressed one button to reveal a white bearded man standing in front of the laboratory's front door, holding a bag. Frowning deeper, the boy pushed the speaker button and spoke up. "What do you want?"

The man looked startled and looked up to the camera. He composed himself before answering. "I'm a friend of Dr. J. Can I come in?"

"No, I can't accept any visitors right now."

"But I want to help with your pregnancy."

The words startled the Japanese boy. He narrowed his eyes and pushed some buttons, turning on all the cameras to watch the man. "What did you say?"

"You're Heero, aren't you? I want to help you deliver your baby."

Heero trembled. "Why do you think I'm pregnant?"

The man looked around worriedly. "I can't tell you more right now. It's top secret. You have to let me in first."

The Japanese boy bit his lower lip and his left hand tightened on his blue book. "Why should I believe you?"

"I want to help J's pupil, that's all." The man glanced around once again. "Look, I can't stay too long outside. If you don't want any help, that's fine by me. I'll just go" The man turned around and was about to walk away when the Japanese boy stopped him.

"Wait. You can enter." Heero pushed a button to open the door and gave the man instruction to reach the main room. A few seconds later, the man walked into the room and stopped a few feet away from the Japanese boy who held his blue book tightly against his chest. "What's the top secret?"

"This." The man suddenly moved fast, pulling his gun from the bag and pointing it at the stunned Japanese boy. In normal conditions, Heero would have been able to move faster than the man, but in his pregnant state, he moved like a turtle compared to the man, who now ordered him. "Don't move or I'll shoot your baby."

The Japanese boy froze, surprise was obviously shown on his pale face. "What do you want?"

"Open the front door." The man gestured slightly.

Heero complied and the man approached the microphone and spoke to it. "You can enter now." Just as the man finished speaking, the Japanese boy decided to move. Heero threw the book he held at the man, causing the man to stagger for a moment. The boy used that chance to grab for the gun in the man's hand. However the man didn't give it easily. They struggled for some seconds until a shot echoed in the room. Heero cried out in pain, clutching his bleeding right arm and leaning against the computer while the man steadied his gun.

"I'm glad you came in time." The man glanced at the door, face relieved.

"You have underestimated him, Philip."

The Japanese boy turned his head to the speaker in surprise. A short haired woman was standing near the door, smoking gun on her hand, indicating she was the one who shot him. The Japanese boy widened his eyes in shock, first because he recognized the woman and second because the woman's stomach, which he knew should have been bulging like his was flat. "You... What..."

"Surprise, huh?" Hilde Maxwell sneered and approached them, gun pointing at the Japanese boy. "Don't underestimate him, Philip. He's trained to be a perfect killing machine."

"I never thought he could move like that in his current state." The man spoke while eyes trained on the bleeding boy.

"Now you know." Hilde stood next to the man. "Long time no see, Heero."

"What do you want, Hilde?" Heero growled.

"I'm just trying to keep you from stealing my husband," Hilde glared angrily. "bitch."

The Japanese boy narrowed his eyes. "I didn't try to steal your husband and I won't. You can be assured that you have your husband for yourself. Now leave me alone."

Hilde's face darkened and pointed to the Japanese boy's bulging stomach. "Do you think I'm stupid? You have planned to steal my husband by using the child in there. I know you wouldn't leave him so easily like that, not when he could provide you with whatever you wanted. Oh yes, I know it perfectly. You'll use the child to make Duo divorce me and take you back with him."

Heero chuckled bitterly. "Are you stupid? Duo won't take me back. He loves you..... "

"He should have!!" Hilde snarled. "After I trusted him and risked my life by turning against my OZ friends in the war to help him escape, he should've loved me!! But no, he just thanked me at the end of the war and went to live with you." The girl threw a look of full hatred at the Japanese boy. "I hate you. I have to work hard to gain his attention and to make him fancy me while you don't have to do anything at all! All the time we went out, he always talked about you and I had to endure it. I had to be a docile woman and make him happy all the time until he agreed to marry me! And now you threaten to destroy my hard work by giving him a child while I can never give him one!!!! I really hate you, Heero Yuy."

As Hilde spoke, the Japanese boy's expression didn't change but her last statement stunned him. "You can't?"

"The abortion ruined my womb." Hilde glared. "I was a soldier at that time and I couldn't be pregnant in the war."

"But Duo said you were a virgin..."

"Well, Philip fixed my hymen back." Hilde smirked. "Duo didn't know the difference."

"How could you..." The Japanese boy swayed, half from shock and half from losing blood. The man noticed it and spoke up. "Enough talking, Hilde. We better do the operation now."

Hilde nodded and without changing expression, fired twice at the Japanese boy's legs. Heero cried out in pain, as the bullets tore through each of his thighs, and collapsed on the floor, managing to fall on his back instead of his stomach. Philip was kneeling beside him in a flash and took out a small bag from his pocket.

"What..." The Japanese boy looked at the girl in pain and shock. "Why?... "

Hilde smirked cruelly. "I've planned this ever since Duo brought you home after the war and asked me to call a doctor for you. It was a coincidence that Philip was one of J's pupils long ago. He knew about the potion you took and detected the child in you. I was going to ask him to abort it but then I got a better idea. Since I can't give Duo a child, I'll raise yours instead. It is Duo's child after all."

Heero widened his eyes in horror realizing what Hilde's plan was. "No! You can't do that." He tried to roll and get up, but Hilde put her feet on the wound on his right thigh and pressed hard, making the Japanese boy cry out in pain.

"Don't struggle or I'll fire at your stomach instead." Her threat worked well as the boy stopped struggling at once. She then moved her foot onto the Japanese boy's chest. "Ready, Philip?"

"Yes." Philip had put on plastic gloves and held up the surgery knife he had taken from his bag. "Now boy, don't try to move or the child will be in danger."

"No..." Heero shook his head as Philip tore his dress to reveal his rounded belly and put local anaesthetics on it. "No!!! Hilde, don't do this. I won't take Duo away from you."

"Too late. I need the child now that I have pretended to be pregnant." Hilde sneered. "Do it now, Philip. We don't have much time."

The man complied and ran his knife across the Japanese boy's stomach.

"NO!!!" Heero cried as he felt the knife cut into his flesh. "No!! Don't take my child from me!!!!"

Hilde pressed her foot harder on the Japanese boy's chest, making it difficult for him to breathe and preventing from moving too much. "It'll be mine and Duo's child soon."

"No, you can't do this!" The Japanese boy shook his head as a pair of gloved hand sunk into his stomach and roamed inside. "Stop it! Stop it, Hilde!!! I won't disturb you and Duo!!!"

"Got it." Philip said as he slowly lifted a red bundle from inside the Japanese boy's stomach.

"NOOOO!!!" The Japanese boy cried brokenly as Philip lifted the red baby higher. "Don't take my baby!!! He's the only one I have!!"

"It's my child now." Hilde sneered and took out a cloth and a bottle of water from inside the bag. She poured the water on the cloth and gave it to Philip, who quickly used it to clean the baby. Hilde smiled. "Ah, it's a boy."

"Don't take my baby! Give him to me!!!" Heero struggled, trying to reach for his baby with his unwounded hand, but Hilde jammed her heel on the boy's hand, pinning it to the ground and making him cry out in pain.

"He's mine, now." Hilde looked at Philip and the baby. "Why hasn't he cried yet?"

"Give me a moment...." Having finished cleaning the baby, Philip cuffed his bottom once, twice and suddenly a loud cry echoed.

"My baby..." Heero whimpered brokenly, lifting his wounded hand. It trembled as it tried to reach for the baby.

"He is healthy." The man quickly bundled the baby with a clean and dry cloth and handed him to Hilde's waiting arms, out of the Japanese boy's reach. "Congratulation, you're a mother now, Mrs. Maxwell. Remember our deal."

Hilde smiled. "You'll get your money later, Philip. Let's go." She turned around and was about to walk away when a hand clutched her ankle.

"Give back...." The Japanese boy spoke weakly. "Give back..... my son.... please..... "

Hilde kicked the hand away easily. "He isn't your son anymore. I don't think he'd want a male mother like you anyway." Hilde sneered. "Let's go Philip."

"I haven't patched him up yet..." Philip looked down on the Japanese boy worriedly. "He has lost so much blood..."

"Leave him."


"Leave. Him." Hilde said sternly and then walked away.

The man looked at the bleeding boy, then at the girl and then back at the boy. "Sorry boy, no hard feelings." Philip mumbled and followed the girl, leaving the Japanese boy bleeding on the floor.

"Aaah... " Heero sobbed as he extended his hand, trying to reach for the girl and his son. "My son...... ....." He tried to move but Hilde was already out of the room. "...... Solo........." Tears flew out of the Prussian blue eyes. "..... Duo.... help....." The boy sobbed brokenly. His tears mingled with his spilled blood, painting the floor red. He weakly called the two people he loved over and over. His eyes slowly closed and his breath shortened as his life flew from him.

Above him, the monitor suddenly flickered and a goggled eyed man appeared on the screen. "Heero, I think this is the time to deliver.... HEERO!!!" The metal door next to the computer was quickly opened and the android J rushed to the bleeding boy. "Damn! You're dying!!!" It took only a few seconds for the android's mind to calculate all possible treatments to save his pupil's life and in the end, the android only have one way to save the dying boy. "This damn machine better work!" The android went to the computer and worked on it. Soon many unrecognizable letters flew on the screen before showing the confirmation.

Security code: X21DMHY
Execute last project SB0102 [y/n]?

The android punched the 'y' key on the keyboard and the screen changed again.

Enter password for terminating process:

He typed the password.

Enter hint for password:

He typed the hint.

All needed information completed.
Executing SB0102

The computer then beeped loudly and the room shook. J looked down at the bleeding boy and smiled sadly. "I hope he finds you soon, son." The android then went still, having using all his energy and data to execute the process. The room shook and began to change its structure.

Five minutes later, the room stopped shaking. The main computer, the android, and the bleeding boy were gone.


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