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Te Amo Part 22

"Should we tell Solo?" Midii asked the other three M-five in a low voice so that she wouldn't be heard by Zechs, Noin, and Lady Une who were walking a few steps in front of them, busy with their own conversation. They were all heading toward Solo's room, a morning visitation before they went to school or office. Sally had separated from them at the entrance to go find Wufei.

"Yes." Milliard nodded, answering in low voice as well. "We all saw how Heero reacted yesterday when we took Gillian from him. It was an unusual reaction for a person who doesn't have a relationship with Solo. I'm quite positive that our theory is right."

"I don't think it's a good idea to tell Solo." Mariemeia frowned. "He hates Heero, remember?"

"He will flip if we tell him that Heero is possibly his father." Meiran added. "Maybe we better confront Heero directly about this first."

Midii and Milliard were smiling at the way their friends said the Japanese boy's name. Their voices didn't hold as much malice as they did previously. Yesterday, they even didn't want to say his name. The scene with Gillian seemed to change their opinion about Heero a little bit.


Meiran turned at her mother's shout; eyes widening as she saw her father running hurriedly next to her mother. He had a trail of blood down the side of his face. "Father!" Meiran shouted worriedly as she ran toward her parents.

"Stay away, Meiran." Wufei waved his daughter away and kept running, heading toward Milliard's father. "Zechs!"

The blonde man was beside him at once, running at the other side of the Chinese man. "What happened?"

"Hilde escaped."

Those two words produced shocked gasps from the others who had followed both of them.

"She didn't mean to..."

"Yes, she did." Wufei cut in. "A butter knife was missing from her dinner tray."

At the last sentence, the others, including the four M-five, knew what Hilde was up to. They all ran to Maxwell's room while praying they would be on time.


"Die!!" Hilde cried out.

Despite his surprise at his mother's outburst, Solo managed to dodge the knife. It stabbed into his pillow instead. He tried to move further but the wound on his side protested and caused him to cry out in pain. He slumped on the edge of his bed and looked at his mother desperately. His neck was suddenly grabbed by his mother's free hand. "Mother! What are you doing?!!"

Hilde growled and squeezed Solo's throat. "I'm not your mother, bitch!!" She brought the knife up over her head and smiled down at the boy. "This time I'll surely kill you."

"Mo...ther..." Solo choked out the word. His tears trailed down as he took in the fact that his mother really didn't recognize her own son. As if in slow motion film, he watched as the knife slowly bore down on him.

And stopped a mere inch from his eyes.

Solo blinked and saw a calloused hand restraining Hilde's hand.

"What the..." Hilde started struggling, feeling desperate that she couldn't finish the devil.

"I won't let you take him from me again."

Solo recognized Heero's voice as the hand pulled his mother's hand away from his face. He heard the sound of struggling and sat up, still in shock; his violet eyes widened when he saw Heero struggling with his mother, trying to remove the knife from her hand. His mother's back was facing Heero while she still tried to stab her own son. With Heero holding her from behind, the knife couldn't reach Solo. Solo could see Heero sweating and panting as he tried to restrain Hilde. They pushed and shoved at each other, Heero restraining while Hilde fighting to get free. The Japanese boy quickly weakened however, a handicap from his previous injuries.

"Damn you, I'll kill you first!!" Hilde turned around angrily and screeched loudly when she was face to face with Heero. "There are two of you!! Damn it! You're not human!!! I'll kill you!!" She lunged forward and threw all her weight toward the Japanese boy. Heero who was still pulling at Hilde's hand, wasn't fast enough to evade the body attack. He was thrown backwards and hit the bed behind him. The Japanese boy gasped in pain as the back of his head collided with the bed's metal frame.

"Heero!!" Solo cried worriedly and tried to move, but the pain held him back.


Solo startled at the noise and saw his father had woken up and was removing the IV and mask from himself. "HEERO!" Once the mask removed, his father screamed in despair as he tried to move his wounded body. His mother pulled the dazed Japanese boy by his hair and kicked him in the chest. Heero flew back and collided with the wall, falling unconsciousness instantly.

Hilde smiled insanely and lunged forward, pointing her knife on Heero's neck. "Now, you'll surely die!!"

At that very second, Solo went through flashback.

"You hate me that much?" It came as a whisper from the Japanese boy's lips.

"I... I care for you, Solo. You're like a son... ..."

"Your mother.... only wants you to be happy...."

"Your mother loves you so much."

"You were not an obligation......... You were conceived because your mother wanted you. You're a joy to your mother."

"I like being with you too, Solo." Heero smiled at him.

"I want to see how you and the other children were while you were children."

"You don't have to call me uncle."

A tear rolled down from Heero's eyes as the Japanese boy whispered weakly. "Just like I thought...... You have Duo's eyes...."

"..... you aren't a baby anymore...." Another tear rolled down from the Prussian orbs. "..I never can't...."

Heero stopped speaking until his eyes slid shut slowly........

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" Solo screamed loudly, not realizing his own tears were streaming down his face. He only vaguely heard his father even more loudly mimicking his scream as Hilde was unstoppable this time. She was only a mere step from burying the knife into Heero.


"You'll see him soon." Dr. Philip said to the android as they took the last turn. He should feel afraid that his crime was about to be exposed but strangely he felt at peace instead.

"There's Barton." Android J spoke up.

The doctor looked up and saw Trowa approaching him from the opposite direction. "He is a Winner now, J."

"A Winner huh? So the same sex marriages are legal nowadays?"

"It has been approved for almost fifteen years since the vice minister Relena Peacecraft-Catalonia married her best friend."

"That girl also changed the world like my boy." Android J smiled wistfully as they stopped in front of Maxwell's room.

"Heero!!" The shout echoed from inside. Trowa, who was still a few feet away, seemed to hear it too since the man quickened his steps.

Dr. Philip reacted faster though. He had already opened the door and jumped inside. Android J followed suit.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" The heart breaking scream echoed in the corridor, increasing Trowa's worry.

By the time he entered the room, Trowa only could stand motionless at the bloody scene before him.

Duo and Solo were staring at the bloody figure in shock. There were wet tracks of tears on their faces. Android J was restraining Hilde who kicked and screeched, shouting that she had to kill the devil. The butter knife was protruded from the doctor's back, his blood staining his white coat.

Loud footsteps approached the room and stopped still behind him. From the gasps behind him, Trowa knew without seeing that the others had arrived as well. He didn't turn to them. His green eyes were fixed on the dying doctor.

Why did the doctor protect Heero? He was the bad man according to Trowa's recently found theory.

"Uhh....." Philip coughed up blood. It was obvious that the knife had punctured his lung. He looked down and saw the unconscious boy he was protecting. So young. So pure of love....... His hand shook as he caressed the soft cheek. He didn't regret sacrificing his body to keep the boy alive. Finally he managed to payback a little from the big mistake he had made.

The only regret he had was he couldn't see the boy's smile.

He coughed again and saw his blood staining the Japanese boy's clothes. No, he didn't want to make the boy bloody again. Using the last of his energy, the doctor stood shakily and ignored the pain on his back. His end was near, he could feel it. But before that....

He turned toward the android and gestured to Solo. "He has the diary."

"I'll see to it." Android J nodded.

Philip then turned to his stabber, coughing out another bath of blood onto his hand. The woman was looking at him in fear and struggled to get away from J's grasp.

"Hilde..." Philip wobbled forward.

"Stay away!!!" Hilde shouted and struggled harder as the doctor came closer.

"It's over........." Philip lifted his bloody hand and reached toward the woman.

"No no no!!! Go away!!"

The doctor smiled sadly. "Give up, Hilde....... may you find .......... your peace...afterward..."

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" Hilde screeched as the doctor fell forward, almost touching her with his bloody hand. Her scream seemed to jerk the others from their shock.

Both Maxwells watched as their friends rushed in, shouting for medical help and taking care of the fallen doctor and Hilde.

Everything became blur after that.


"Is he okay?"

"He is fine, Duo. He's just unconscious from the impact. No concussion." Sally answered from where she sat next to the sleeping Japanese boy. It was late afternoon when the things finally settled. Since their room had been a crime scene, Solo, Duo, and Heero were moved to another room with the same bed position as before. Both Maxwell had their upper bed raised so they could talk with their friends while sitting up. The nurse had removed the air mask but left the infuse cable on Duo. Android J was standing next to Sally while Zechs and Noin on the guest couch near Duo. Trowa was leaning against the door near the wall while the rest of M-five gathered around Solo's bed.


All their attention save Heero's, who was unconscious, were focused on the open door. Wufei and Lady Une stepped in, looking tired.

Sally stood up and approached her husband. "How is Dr. Philip?"

Wufei shook his head and leaned against the wall next to Trowa. "He is gone."

The M-five looked crestfallen while Trowa cursed inwardly. He had lost the key to proving his theory.

"Hilde is incoherent." Lady Une spoke up, knowing there would be questions about the woman. "She has been sent to a mental institution until her condition is fit enough for the trial."

Solo looked up. His violet eyes reflected his torn and shaken feelings. "Trial...?"

Lady Une looked at him sadly. "She has been charged with Philip's murder and attempted murder on Heero and you, Solo."

Solo bowed his head, one hand clutched around the blue book. He had been holding it since he was moved. All his friends' questions about the book were answered with silence.

"I don't want any trial."

All eyes focused on Duo at his statement. Solo looked at his father and noticed the violet eyes darkened. He instinctively knew things would be very bad for his mother. He shuddered and held the blue book tightly. What should he do? Stand up for his mother? Was she really his mother?

"Why don't you want any trial?" The question came from Wufei who looked confused.

Duo's eyes gleamed dangerously. "Let her rot in that institution forever."

Several gasps echoed in the room and then Noin stood up abruptly. "How could you be so cruel!! It's true that she tried to kill Heero but that's because you cheated on her! Hilde's way may be wrong but no women would want to give up on their husband and child easily."

Duo glared at the dark haired woman. "That woman tried to kill her own son."

"That's because she thought Solo was Heero." Noin protested.

Duo looked coldly at her. "Is there a mother who can't distinguish her own son? I can easily tell Solo and Heero apart. She should be able to also."

"She is not in her right mind, Duo" Zechs tried to help his wife.

"That's why I want her to be kept there." Duo snapped.

"I can't believe this." Wufei seethed. "There's still a chance that she comes to and regrets her actions. She is your wife and the mother of your son. You should let Solo see his mother!"

"Is she really my mother?"

All conscious heads turned to Solo then, eyes wide with shock and surprise. The boy was holding the blue book tightly in front of his chest with his head bowed. "Am I really her son?" Solo whispered the question weakly.

For a minute long, no one answered the question. They were all shocked that Solo dared to utter such a question.

Finally Noin got over her shock and shouted at Solo. "How could you doubt her? I saw with my eyes how her body got bigger, how she easily got tired when carrying you. She is your mother!!"

Solo's body shook and looked up at Noin in distress. "So why does my face look so similar to Heero? Why do I have golden skin like an Asian? Father is an American, mother is a German. I shouldn't have Asian traits......" He held up one hand and caressed his own face. "Why don't I have any of my mother's traits in me?"

The room was as silent as a tomb after Solo's questions. Duo looked at his son sadly. Noin didn't know how to answer them and neither did Zechs. Trowa wished that he had proof for his theory. Midii took Solo's hand away from his face and grasped it tightly. Meiran who was standing next to her, put her hand on their hands while Milliard and Mariemeia just moved closer to Solo, giving comfort to Solo silently.

"Solo...." Lady Une began, but she was cut by another voice.

"That's because you aren't her son."

Now all attention focused on Android J, who had spoken the statement.

"What are you talking about?" Duo looked at the android dangerously. He knew that Hilde was really Solo's mother for sure. He didn't want lies fed to Solo.

The android however, ignored him and gestured to the blue book in his son's hand. "You have read the book, haven't you, Solo?"

Solo nodded hesitantly, looking at the android in confusion.

"Still you didn't believe what was written in it, huh?" Dr. J shook his head. "I also doubt the others would believe it. It's better to show you the truth."

"What are you talking about?" Trowa spoke up confused at the sudden turn of conversation.

"Who are you?" Milliard asked the question. The M-five looked at the goggled eyed man in bewilderment, just realizing there was a stranger among them.

The android again ignored the questions and stepped forward. "Listen you all. I'll just do this once, for my boy's sake. I'm an android of J, the mentor of Heero Yuy." He looked at Duo. "Philip retrieved me from the same room where you found Heero and upgraded my system so I may function better. The lab where Heero had been living fifteen years ago and my system were connected so I could retrieve the video documentation from all the cameras in the lab."

"Video documentation?" Duo looked confused. "What does this have to do with Solo's question?"

"I have Solo's birth documented in them."

"What?!" Duo sat up straight, eyes glaring dangerously at the android; who had turned toward the teenagers.

"This is not a usual documentation. I trust the adults to be able to bear what they would see." The statement raised noises from Noin, Zechs, and Lady Une, while Wufei and Sally looked at each other. Duo tried to interfere but android J spoke again. "However I don't know whether you will be able to bear it. You can just wait till I show the video your parents and they will decide how they should tell you."

"No." Solo spoke up and looked straight at the android. His hand still clutched the blue book tightly but his eyes were filled with determination. "I want to know the truth. I have to see it with my own eyes or I will forever try to deny it."

"Solo, what are you talking about?" Duo's voice had hints of frustration. He didn't like not knowing what this was about. He looked at the blue book his son was holding and felt familiar tug in his mind. He had seen the book before......... long ago.......... It was...............

The book he gave to the Japanese boy on his fifteenth birthday.

Duo looked sharply at the android J and decided to wait. Somehow he had a feeling that Solo's birth was the key to Heero's injuries.

Meiran, Midii, Milliard, and Mariemeia looked at each other for confirmation and then Midii gestured to Milliard to answer for them all.

"We will watch it. Together with Solo, we will bear it together." Milliard answered without hesitation.

"You all have grown up fine." The android smiled sadly. "Very well then."

The android J turned to Trowa. "Turn off the lamp."

Trowa felt that he was about to get the proof he needed. He quickly flicked off the lamp switch, darkening the room except for the sunset.

The android stilled for a moment and then two bright lights came out from his eyes. The others turned their heads to the wall the lights landed on and saw the past replayed on it.

A younger doctor Philip standing nervously in front of the lab's door.

"What do you want?" Heero voice caused Philip to turn at the direction where the camera had been placed.

The man composed himself before answering. "I'm a friend of Dr. J. Can I come in?"

"No, I can't accept any visitors right now."

"But I want to help with your pregnancy."

There were gasps came at this statement and noises started. Android J barked at them. "Silent and watch till the end. Then you can ask me questions if you feel like it."

The room quieted after him. Duo watched the screen in trepidation, feeling that he would be shaken to the core after watching it.

"What did you say?"

"You're Heero, aren't you? I want to help you deliver your baby."

"Why do you think I'm pregnant?"

The man looked around worriedly. "I can't tell you more right now. It's top secret. You have to let me in first."

"Why should I believe you?"

"I want to help J's pupil, that's all." The man glanced around once again. "Look, I can't stay too long outside. If you don't want any help, that's fine by me. I'll just go" The man turned around and was about to walk away.

".........Wait. You can enter."

The scene changed into the lab inside and showed the man walking into the room. He stopped a few feet away from the Japanese boy who held a blue book tightly against his chest.

More gasps echoed in the room. Duo's eyes were as wide as saucers as he studied the boy on the screen. There stood Heero, looking all the same except his round stomach and the maternity dress he was wearing. He looked like Hilde in the last month of her pregnancy.

"What's the top secret?"

"This." The man suddenly moved fast, pulling his gun from the bag and pointing it at the stunned Japanese boy. "Don't move or I'll shoot your baby."

The Japanese boy froze, surprise was obviously shown on his pale face. "What do you want?"

"Open the front door." The man gestured slightly.

The boy complied and the man approached the microphone and spoke to it. "You can enter now." Just as the man finished speaking, the Japanese boy moved. He threw the book he held at the man, causing the man to stagger for a moment.

Solo gasped as he recognized the book. He was holding it at the moment.

The boy used that chance to grab for the gun in the man's hand. However the man didn't give it easily. They struggled for some seconds until a shot echoed in the room. Heero cried out in pain, clutching his bleeding right arm and leaning against the computer while the man steadied his gun.

"I'm glad you came in time." The man glanced at the door, face relieved.

"You have underestimated him, Philip."

The Japanese boy turned his head to the speaker in surprise.

At the same time, more gasps echoed in the room again as the screen showed Hilde standing near the door, smoking gun in her hand, indicating she was the one who shot him.

"No." Noin spoke in horror as she noticed the flat stomach of the woman on the screen. The reality slowly dawned on her. The others also shook in disbelief as they understood what Noin had noticed.

The Japanese boy widened his eyes in shock. "You... What..."

"Surprise, huh?" Hilde sneered and approached them, gun pointing at the Japanese boy. "Don't underestimate him, Philip. He's trained to be a perfect killing machine."

"I never thought he could move like that in his current state." The man spoke while eyes trained on the bleeding boy.

"Now you know." Hilde stood next to the man. "Long time no see, Heero."

"What do you want, Hilde?" Heero growled.

"I'm just trying to keep you from stealing my husband," Hilde glared angrily. "bitch."

The Japanese boy narrowed his eyes. "I didn't try to steal your husband and I won't. You can be assured that you have your husband for yourself. Now leave me alone."

Hilde's face darkened as she pointed her finger to the Japanese boy's bulging stomach. "Do you think I'm stupid? You have planned to steal my husband by using the child in there. I know you wouldn't leave him so easily like that, not when he could provide you with whatever you wanted. Oh yes, I know it perfectly. You'll use the child to make Duo divorce me and take you back with him."

Heero chuckled bitterly. "Are you stupid? Duo won't take me back. He loves you..... "

"That's not true." Duo whispered in grief as he watched the pain on Heero's blue eyes.

"He should have!!" Hilde snarled. "After I trusted him and risked my life by turning against my OZ friends in the war to help him escape, he should've loved me!! But no, he just thanked me at the end of the war and went to live with you." The girl threw a look of full hatred at the Japanese boy. "I hate you. I have to work hard to gain his attention and to make him fancy me while you don't have to do anything at all! All the time we went out, he always talked about you and I had to endure it. I had to be a docile woman and make him happy all the time until he agreed to marry me! And now you threaten to destroy my hard work by giving him a child while I can never give him one!!!! I really hate you, Heero Yuy."

"You can't?"

"The abortion ruined my womb." Hilde glared. "I was a soldier at that time and I couldn't be pregnant in the war."

"Abortion!?" Noin cried out in disbelief. This was the woman she had come to respect?

"But Duo said you were a virgin..."

"Well, Philip fixed my hymen back." Hilde smirked. "Duo didn't know the difference."

Duo clenched his hands tightly at the sentence.

"How could you..." The Japanese boy swayed, half from shock and half from losing blood. The man noticed it and spoke up. "Enough talking, Hilde. We better do the operation now."

Hilde nodded and without changing expression, fired twice at the Japanese boy's legs.

The shooting sound was like a hammer slammed against Duo's chest. He let out an anguish sob as he watched Heero cry out in pain. The bullets tore through each of Heero's thighs, causing him to collapse on the floor. Philip was kneeling beside him in a flash and took out a small bag from his pocket.

"What..." The Japanese boy looked at the girl in pain and shock. "Why?... "

Hilde smirked cruelly. "I've planned this ever since Duo brought you home after the war and asked me to call a doctor for you. It was a coincidence that Philip was one of J's pupils long ago. He knew about the potion you took and detected the child in you. I was going to ask him to abort it but then I got a better idea. Since I can't give Duo a child, I'll raise yours instead. It is Duo's child after all."

"Aa...." Solo shook, holding the book as if his life depended on it.

Heero widened his eyes in horror. "No! You can't do that." He tried to roll and get up, but Hilde put her feet on the wound on his right thigh and pressed hard, making the Japanese boy cry out in pain.

"Don't struggle or I'll fire at your stomach instead." Her threat worked well as the boy stopped struggling at once.

Midii's eyes were full of tears as she hugged Solo, feeling almost unbearable to keep watching.

Hilde moved her foot onto the Japanese boy's chest. "Ready, Philip?"

"Yes." Philip had put on plastic gloves and held up the surgery knife he had taken from his bag. "Now boy, don't try to move or the child will be in danger."

Meiran clenched her hands into fists. She noticed that even Heero protested, the Japanese boy didn't move his body. He stayed still even his dress was torn and he was stripped. Meiran realized then how great Heero's love for Solo.

"No!!! Hilde, don't do this. I won't take Duo away from you."

"Too late. I need the child now that I have pretended to be pregnant." Hilde sneered. "Do it now, Philip. We don't have much time."

The man complied and ran his knife across the Japanese boy's stomach.

"NO!!!" Heero cried as he felt the knife cut into his flesh. "No!! Don't take my child from me!!!!"

"Aa.... Zechs..." Noin sobbed and leaned against her shaking husband.

Hilde pressed her foot harder on the Japanese boy's chest, making it difficult for him to breathe and preventing from moving too much. "It'll be my and Duo's child soon."

"No, you can't do this!" The Japanese boy shook his head as a pair of gloved hand sunk into his stomach and roamed inside. "Stop it! Stop it, Hilde!!! I won't disturb you and Duo!!!"

Sally buried her face on her husband's shoulder. Wufei quickly hugged her, wanting to make sure his wife was here with him.

"Got it." Philip said as he slowly lifted a red bundle from inside the Japanese boy's stomach.

Lady Une closed her hands over her mouth and knelt down, legs too weak as she felt sick to her bone.

"NOOOO!!!" The Japanese boy cried brokenly as Philip lifted the red baby higher. "Don't take my baby!!! He's the only one I have!!"

"It's my child now." Hilde sneered and took out a cloth and a bottle of water from inside the bag. She poured the water on the cloth and gave it to Philip, who quickly used it to clean the baby. Hilde smiled. "Ah, it's a boy."

"Don't take my baby! Give him to me!!!" Heero struggled, trying to reach for his baby with his unwounded hand, but Hilde jammed her heel on the boy's hand, pinning it to the ground and making him cry out in pain.

Mariemeia put her hands on her ears, not wanting to hear the anguish voice that stabbed her heart again and again.

"He's mine, now." Hilde looked at Philip and the baby. "Why hasn't he cried yet?"

"Give me a moment...." Having finished cleaning the baby, Philip cuffed his bottom once, twice and suddenly a loud cry echoed.

"My baby..." Heero whimpered brokenly, lifting his wounded hand. It trembled as it tried to reach for the baby.

Milliard sagged against Mariemeia and hugged her tightly, wanting to share his regret and guilt to the others. No wonder Heero didn't want to let Gillian go. Maybe holding Gillian was the first time he ever held a child.

"He is healthy." The man quickly bundled the baby with a clean and dry cloth and handed him to Hilde's waiting arms, out of the Japanese boy's reach. "Congratulation, you're a mother now, Mrs. Maxwell. Remember our deal."

Hilde smiled. "You'll get your money later, Philip. Let's go." She turned around and was about to walk away when a hand clutched her ankle.

"Give back.... " The Japanese boy spoke weakly. "Give back..... my son.... please..... "

Hilde kicked the hand away easily. "He isn't your son anymore. I don't think he'd want a male mother like you anyway." Hilde sneered.

Trowa dug his nails on his arms. He had guessed Hilde had done something bad...... but never in his life had he imagined it had happened this violently. He was thankful Quatre was still unconscious or the blonde would go into coma with so much pain radiating in the room.

"Let's go Philip."

"I haven't patched him up yet..." Philip looked down on the Japanese boy worriedly. "He has lost so much blood..."

"Leave him."


"Leave. Him." Hilde said sternly and then walked away.

The man looked at the bleeding boy, then at the girl and then back at the boy. "Sorry boy, no hard feelings." Philip mumbled and followed the girl, leaving the Japanese boy bleeding on the floor.

"Aaah... " Heero sobbed as he extended his hand, trying to reach for Hilde. "My son...... ....." He tried to move but Hilde was already out of the room. "....Solo........."

Solo sobbed as he heard his name. His whole body shook violently as he watched his real mother dying in front of him.

Tears flew out of the Prussian blue eyes. "..... Duo.... help....." The boy sobbed brokenly. His tears mingled with his spilled blood, painting the floor red. He weakly called Solo and Duo over and over. His eyes slowly closed and his breath shortened as his life flew from him.

Then the lights dimmed out and off. Knowing Trowa was too shocked to be asked for help, Android J walked toward the lamp switch and switched it on. "I found him bleeding like that and froze him. You know the rest then."

Solo didn't listen to the android. All the hated words he had been saying to Heero for the past two days came back onto him.

"Well, you may really care for me. But you aren't my mother!"

"I want my mother staying with us in the house, not a boy as old as me as my father's lover and acts as if he can replace my mother!"

Solo sobbed louder now as he remembered the crestfallen look at Heero's face after he said the sentences. He had refused his real mother.

The mother, whose stomach had been torn apart to get him out and had never been able to hold him and watch him grow up.

It was too much for him. He shook in Midii's arms as both hands clutched the blue book, wailing like a wounded animal.

"Solo..." Midii sobbed as she hugged Solo tighter. Noin had buried her head against Zechs' chest while Wufei embraced his wife, looking at Solo sadly. Lady Une slowly stood up and leaned against the nearest wall.

The video had shaken all of them. It turned the reality upside down. Trowa looked at his daughter and her friends. They were the most shaken of all of them. They never experienced violence before like the adults had gone through during the wars. While Trowa was sure the adults could handle this revelation, he wasn't sure about the kids. This event would surely change them.

"Une......" Une and the other adults looked at Duo. Contrary to Solo's reaction, Duo sat still, back straight and hands clenched into fists. His eyes were dry and gleamed dangerously. They saw the gleam often in the past, when he was fighting against OZ and destroying every mobile suit in his way. Duo's voice was low but sharp, cutting over Solo's sobbing. "If she steps out of that institution, I'll kill her."

They all didn't need to clarify which "she" Duo was referring. Une knew she couldn't say a wrong thing or all hell would break lose. "I'll see to it." She nodded and left the room. By the God, she needed some time to be alone or she would kill Hilde herself.



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