Te Amo Part 11


Duo looked at the door and saw his son enter. "I saw the nurse resting in the first floor so I thought you must be working in here again, Dad."

"Yeah, I don't want to leave Heero alone." Duo set down his papers on the desk and looked at the Japanese boy lying on the bed near his chair. It had been a week since they found Heero. The ambulance had come and taken Heero to the hospital. After Dr. Philip did a thorough check up and administered medications, Heero was stated out of danger however he was still in coma and not regained consciousness. The only thing they could do was to wait till Heero woke up by himself. After three days in hospital, Duo took Heero home and put him on the guest bedroom, along with a nurse to take care of him. Having known Heero's fast healing capability, Duo was sure Heero would wake up and he wanted to be the first person Heero saw when the boy opened his eyes.

His son approached the bed and looked down at the Japanese boy. "He is very like me, Dad."

"Yeah, he is only thinner and more slender than you. Also, your hair is not as messy as his." Duo looked at his son's face. "It's an amazing thing that you and Heero can be so similar even though you don't have any blood relationship."

"Well, it's a good thing that mother is in the colonies right now or she'll have a fit hearing you saying it." Solo looked at his father seriously. "I always wonder why she's so angry when someone compares me to Heero Yuy."

Duo rubbed his chin, trying to hide his real feelings for Solo's mother from his son. Yes, it was lucky that Hilde was making yearly trips to their branches. He didn't want to hear Hilde's rant for bringing Heero home. They were husband and wife on the paper only, just for Solo's sake. All the love he once felt for the woman had gone as he realized Hilde's true traits and behaviors. The woman was very selfish, always wanting her needs to be fulfilled first. She was good in handling the company's social meetings, though.


Duo blinked and focused back on the present. "Sorry, I also wonder about that, you know."

Solo sat down in the spare chair and looked hesitated.

"What's bothering you?" Duo asked straight away.

"Uhm... I have been thinking for this for a long time, Dad. And seeing Heero Yuy over there....." Solo gestured at the Japanese boy. "My face is so similar to his.....I think .... Is he..... " The boy bit his lower lip.

"Is he your father instead of me?" Duo finished his son's unspoken question. Solo looked at him in surprise. "Don't be so surprised, Solo. Everyone will wonder whether you're his son instead of me. I also wondered about that, years ago, and though, I'm sure Heero wouldn't cheat on me and not to mention your eyes are violet like mine, I decided to compare your DNA with mine to be certain."

"And the result.....?" Solo asked in curiosity and also anticipation.

Duo leant against his seat and smiled slightly. "100% you're my son."

Solo sighed in relief and seeing it, Duo chuckled slightly. "Feeling like a stone just lifted from you now?"

"Yeah." Solo smiled slightly. "I think you also felt like that after receiving the DNA result, didn't you, Dad?"

Duo grinned and nodded. "Now that you know you're truly my son, what else do you want from me?"

Solo grinned as well. "Well, your son wants his laptop, Dad."

"Oh right. I almost forgot about that." Duo looked down at Heero. "I want to buy one for Heero too. He'll love it." Duo looked at his scheduler, trying to find free time, and missed the curious look from his son. "I'm free this Saturday. I'll ask the laptop seller to come here after your fencing course, how's that sound?" Duo turned and saw his son grinning at him.

"Great. I can't wait for it." Solo stood up. "I better finish my homework now. Thanks Dad."

Duo nodded and smiled as he watched his son bounce out of the room. He shook his head slightly as he remembered how he used to act like that years ago. Turning his attention back to the comatose boy, Duo studied Heero's condition. The wounds on his arm and thighs had closed and the one on his stomach was healing nicely, though to his disappointment the scars were permanent on all the wounds. However apart from that, Heero's skin had regained some color and now that his hair wasn't matted with blood, it shone like silk. Duo couldn't help but stand up and reach for the chocolate locks, combing them with his fingers. They felt smooth and silky, making Duo long to nuzzle into them and inhale the lavender scent that was Heero's. He had noticed that Heero's hair now reached slightly below the neck and somehow it made the Japanese boy look even more exquisite.

"How long do you want to sleep like this, Heero?" Duo murmured as he sat down on the bed next to Heero. "Come on, wake up." His hand moved down to caress the Japanese boy's face. "Wake up and let me make up to you." Duo caressed the soft cheek slowly before resting his fore finger on the delicate lips. He ran the finger slowly over the reddish flesh, feeling his body attacked with the familiar sensation he hadn't felt for fifteen years.


Lust for Heero.

Suddenly the soft flesh beneath his finger trembled slightly. Duo was startled and ran his eyes up from the lips to the half opened Prussian blue eyes. "Heero!!" Duo shouted in joy. Cupping Heero's cheek with his hand, Duo called the Japanese boy again and watched in anticipation as the eyes blinked several times before opening fully. For a few seconds, the eyes didn't focus but then they shifted and looked straight at him. Confusion and insecurity were reflected in his blue eyes as his lips opened slightly.

"Who..?" His voice was weak and Heero seemed unable to continue.

Duo quickly reached for the glass filled with water and a straw that the nurse had prepared on the nightstand next to the bed, for this moment, setting aside the delight he felt when he heard the familiar voice. He put the straw in front of the Japanese boy and pushed it into Heero's slightly parted lips. "Drink the water first, you must be very thirsty."

Heero sipped the water while his eyes kept staring at Duo curiously. "I'm not an enemy, Heero." Duo smiled as Heero's eyes blinked at him while the said boy was still sipping the water. It was a cute scene. If Heero wasn't weak and injured, Duo would have kissed the Japanese boy thoroughly. How he missed the Japanese boy. He missed Heero so much it hurt. Noticing that Heero had stopped sipping, Duo put the glass back onto the night stand.


Duo quickly turned his head back to Heero and smiled down at the Japanese boy. How he missed that nasal voice. Only Heero said his name in that tone. "So you finally recognize me."

"You look older...." Heero frowned. "And your hair... is shorter....."

Duo reached for his hair that was bound loosely just slightly below his shoulders. "It's easier to manage for me now." He stopped for a moment, contemplating whether he should tell Heero about his frozen condition now or later. Knowing how smart Heero was, Duo opted to tell him now before Heero figured it by himself. He took a breath and cupped Heero's cheek with his hand. The Japanese boy didn't say anything but Duo smiled as he felt Heero leant into his hand. He spoke slowly, not wanting to surprise the Japanese boy more than necessary. "I'm older, Heero. I'm thirty one years old now." Duo saw Heero look at him in confusion and continued his explanation. "No, you didn't lose any memories. You're still as old as you last remember. J had frozen you for fifteen years and would be longer if I didn't find you in the laboratory's secret room and terminated the freezing process."

Heero was quiet for a while. "....I was frozen? ...why?"

"You were dying, Heero. You were frozen with bullet wounds on your arm and thighs and a wide gape in your stomach. Do you remember who did that to you?"

"Bullet... wounds..." Heero seemed to delve into his memories. "wide, gaping.... Stomach...." Suddenly the boy's eyes widened and Duo could see the comprehension dawn in his Prussian blue eyes. In a split second Duo saw the horror and fear reflected in Heero's eyes before Heero moved his uninjured hand and caressed his own stomach as if checking something. "No..." Heero croaked weakly and started trembling. "Nonononono....."

Duo looked at Heero worried. Those Prussian blue eyes seemed lost in his past memories. "Heero, Heero, what happened?" He grabbed Heero's hand, moving it away from Heero's stomach and held it tightly. "Calm down."

"Aaaa....." Heero looked devastated and his body shook more violently. "Give back.... " He lifted his injured hand but Duo quickly held it back on the bed, not wanting Heero to injure himself more. However it only seemed to add to Heero's distress as the Japanese boy jerked up and cried weakly. "No....Give him back to me......"

"Heero, snap out of it." Duo said worriedly as he tried to restrain Heero, afraid that the violent movements would re-open the Japanese boy's wounds. However it seemed that Heero couldn't hear him or ignored him completely. The Japanese boy thrashed wildly and sobbed. However since Heero was still weak, it was only a matter of seconds before Heero lost what was left of his strength and lay lifelessly on the bed.

"Give him back...." Heero pleaded weakly. "please.... He's the only one I have...." A tear rolled down from his Prussian blue eyes onto his cheek.

"Heero..." Duo looked at the Japanese boy worriedly while his hands were pinning the Japanese boy's arms on each side of his head. He never saw the Japanese boy so vulnerable and fragile like this. He also had never seen Heero cry. What had happened back then? What had made a soldier like Heero cry so brokenly like this? Who had injured his Heero badly? His mind was confused, trying to digest what Heero had said. Who was "he" Heero just said? Was it him? But he was here and Heero didn't reach for him. Could it be because Heero wanted him to be as young as he last saw him? He would turn back the time if he could, but sadly he couldn't. But he could make it up, couldn't he? If he was the one Heero wanted back, he had him, only older and wiser.... and never will take Heero for granted anymore.

"... give him back.....please..." Heero croaked again.

"Shh..." Feeling Heero was too weak to thrash, Duo released Heero's left arm and caressed the Japanese boy's cheek gently. "I'm here... You have me now... " Duo never felt more relieved than when the Prussian blue eyes focused on him.

"... have you..?" Heero's weak voice sounded very hopeful, as if the answer was the only anchor for him to live.

"Yes, you have me always." Duo murmured and stroked Heero's cheek gently. "I promise I won't leave you alone anymore. I'll always stay with you." His words seemed to calm Heero down. The Japanese boy's breathing slowly became steady and his Prussian blue eyes closed slowly as exhaustion enveloped him. Right before the eyes closed completely, Duo could hear Heero's murmured weakly.

"....don't... ever.... leave.... me...."

"I won't, Heero." Duo spoke gently while silently vowing to find whoever responsible for hurting his Heero. He caressed the sleeping boy's cheek for a few minutes before calling the nurse and Dr. Philip to check Heero's condition.


"He is in good condition, Duo. Just make sure he rests well." The white bearded man then exited the room.

"I'll see to it. Thank you, Doc." Duo closed to the door and turned his attention back to the sleeping boy. He sat back on his seat and smiled wistfully, not really wanting to continue his job. He was very happy at the moment. Finally Heero was back with him. After fifteen years of waiting and searching for him, his Heero was finally back.

Duo couldn't wait to enjoy the days with the Japanese boy once again.

He worked lazily on his papers for two hours before a soft moan alerted him. He quickly went to the bed and saw Heero open his eyes slowly. "Ah, you woke up." Duo smiled and sat on the chair near the bed, one hand caressing the Japanese boy's one. "How are you feeling, Heero?" Duo watched those Prussian blue eyes look around before settling on him. He was startled when Heero gasped in surprise as if just realizing what had happened. Tears slowly slipped from his blue eyes.

"Heero, Heero, are you okay?" Duo tightened his hand on the Japanese boy's one.

"Fifteen years...." The Japanese boy murmured gravely as his free hand caressed his stomach. "...fifteen years have passed......"

Duo was really worried as the tears on Heero's face showed no signs of stopping in the near future. He used his other hand to wipe the rolling tears while at the same time murmuring the words he thought would soother the Japanese boy. "Heero, don't cry. I won't leave you. Although fifteen years have passed, you still have me. I won't leave you alone, Heero. We'll live together from now on."

His voice thankfully managed to distract the Japanese boy. Duo watched in relief as Heero focused on his face. "I won't leave you, Heero. Never." He murmured and gently caressed Heero's cheek. He felt relieved when Heero finally stopped crying and was now looking at him with undivided attention.


Again, Duo felt his heart flutter when his name came out from those soft lips. He leant down and gave a quick kiss on their twined hands. "Yes, it's me. Are you feeling better?"

Heero looked at him long, as if trying to control his emotions. "Was it the truth that I was frozen for fifteen years?"

Duo nodded.

Heero closed his eyes. One hand caressed his stomach while Duo felt the hand he held tighten around his, as if Heero was afraid he would disappear suddenly. Afraid that Heero would break down again, Duo decided to act first. With his other hand, Duo caressed Heero's cheek tenderly. "Fifteen years.... I have missed you so much, Heero." Duo watched as Heero opened his eyes back up in surprise. He felt the guilt stab in as he saw the disbelief in those Prussian blue eyes. "I really missed you. I'm sorry I treated you badly and abandoned you years ago. But it won't happen again. I've learned my lesson and I'll make it up to you from now on."

"You didn't... do anything wrong." Heero murmured.

Duo shook his head. "I did. I was wrong in driving you away from me. Will you ever forgive me, Heero?"

"There's nothing to forgive...."

"Heero...." Duo lifted their twined hands and kissed Heero's fingers. "You're too kind for me....."

Knock... Knock

At the sound, Duo quickly withdrew his hand from Heero's cheek just in time as his son entered the room. "Dad, I.... oh...you're awake." Solo smiled sheepishly as he approached the bed. "Hi..."

Duo watched as Heero's eyes widened at the sight of his son. "This is my son, Solo. He looks like your twin, don't you think, Heero? I was also very surprised at first to see the similarity between you two."

"Aa..." Duo was surprised when he felt Heero trembling. He looked at Heero in alarm as the Japanese boy extended his hand to Solo who stood on the other side of the bed. "Solo....."

Duo looked up and saw his son throw a confused look at him. He was confused as well at Heero's behavior and could only watch Heero's hand clutching Solo's. He looked back at Heero and was surprised to see a new tear roll down from Heero's eyes. "Just like I thought...... You have Duo's eyes...." Heero whispered wistfully, seeming oblivious to Duo and Solo's surprised look. "..... you aren't a baby anymore...." Another tear rolled down from the Prussian orbs. "... I never can't...." As if realizing something, Heero stopped speaking but his eyes kept staring at Solo until they slid shut slowly in fatigue and left both father and son confused. Both of them sat on each side of the bed, one hand twined with one of the Japanese boy's, looking at each other in bewilderment.

"Dad, why did he..."

Duo shook his head no, cutting his son's question. He didn't know why Heero acted like that either. Watching the sleeping boy, Duo felt thousand questions popping up in his mind. Who had hurt Heero? Why did Heero cry? Why did Heero hold Solo's hand?

He wanted to ask those questions when the Japanese boy came to later. But Dr. Philip had told Duo not to push Heero into answering what had happened to him. He might be traumatized over the accident so all answers would have to wait until the Japanese boy felt up to answering them. Duo sighed and leaned against his seat, looking across Heero at his fidgeting son. "Do you have an appointment to keep?" Duo talked quietly, not wanting to wake up Heero.

Solo nodded and answered as quietly as his father. "I promise to meet the other M-five at the park."

"Alright. Try detaching your hand without waking him up." Duo watched as his son gently pried his hand out of Heero's grip. When Solo stood up, Duo spoke up. "Don't tell them about Heero."

"Huh?" Solo looked at his father in surprise.

"I don't want their parents to find out about Heero yet and spread the news to the others." Duo stared at his son seriously. "Heero needs a lot of rest and with them visiting him, I doubt he will rest well. I prefer for them to visit after Heero was strong enough to stay awake a whole day."

"Okay, Dad." Solo nodded and looked at the sleeping Japanese boy before quietly slipping out of the room.

Duo stayed in his seat and watched Heero over for another two hours before the nurse came in and replaced him. He used the chance to take a shower and hoped that Heero would wake up later so they could have dinner together. His mind still found it hard to see the strong willed boy cry so brokenly. Whatever had happened might be very extreme to be able to affect Heero that much. He just hoped Heero wouldn't cry continuously. He wanted his old Heero not a wimpy boy....

He just finished putting on his clothes when the nurse's scream reached his room. Duo quickly stormed out of his room and ran toward Heero's room as fast as he could. The scream had stopped, but the silence following it worried Duo even more. He shouldn't have left Heero alone with the nurse. Damn it, if something happened to Heero... Arriving at Heero's room, Duo quickly opened the door and was surprised when he saw the nurse huddling in the right corner while Heero was supporting his upper body with his uninjured hand while his injured hand clenched tightly. "Heero!"

At his shout, the nurse looked at him. The relief was obvious on her face. "Mister Maxwell, help me. He tried to hit me just now when I was about to bathe him."

Duo had rushed to Heero's side while the nurse babbled. He gently slipped his arm around Heero's shoulders to support the boy. "Heero, are you okay?" Duo worriedly searched Heero's face for a sign of pain but instead he got two sharp blue orbs looking back at him. Duo felt his heart flutter when he recognized the look.

The old Heero had been back in charge.

Sharp and dangerous, this was the look he often saw in Heero when the Japanese boy was alert.

"Heero, calm down. Sarah means no harm. She is a nurse I hired to look after you." Duo lowered Heero back onto the bed. "You shouldn't move too much or you'll reopen your wounds."

"I don't need a nurse."

"Yes, you do." Duo motioned for Sarah to approach while speaking to Heero. "You have nothing to worry. She bathed you before, while you were still."

"I'm not unconscious now. I can bathe myself."

"But you're injured." Sarah spoke up, finding her courage back. "You can't bathe yourself yet."

Duo felt Heero tensing as the nurse approached the bed and realized that Heero didn't like being touched by somebody else, save him of course. Looking back at the past, Duo realized that he was the only one who could touch Heero while the Japanese boy was awake and aware without risking his life. Relena hugged Heero, Trowa tended him and so did Quatre, but all was done when Heero was unconscious.

"Sarah, it's okay." Duo stopped Sarah's advance and looked down at the rigid boy. Fifteen years had passed, filled with realization after realization of so many little things Heero had done for him. Now that Heero was with him, Duo found out there were so many other little things Heero did for him. This time, Duo swore to appreciate all the little things Heero had done for him. He looked up at the confused nurse. "You can go down and help the cook prepare the dinner. I'll take care of him."

Sara hesitated. "But, the bath..."

"I'll take care of it." Duo cut in and looked at her sharply. "Go now. You're dismissed."

Sarah hurriedly left the room. Duo waited till the door closed firmly and turned his attention back to the Japanese boy. "Now we'll see to your bath."


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