Author: Akuma

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Pairings: 2x1

Rating: NC-17

Warning: yaoi, crossdressing, lemon

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My Fair Lady 3

Heero moaned and wiggled in delight as Duo's hands slowly undressed him and caressed every bit of revealed flesh lovingly. He felt Duo's lips left his only to trail down, scattering butterfly kisses on his exposed torso and eliciting fire on every kissed part of him. He unconsciously closed his eyes and enjoyed his husband's caressing.

This time, no one would disturb them.

This time, he would be with Duo truly and completely.

The dress he was wearing was slowly discarded layer by layer by the skillfully fingers of his braided husband.

Heero felt the last garment leave his body and opened his eyes when Duo's hands left him. He was about to protest at the sudden lost of caress when his eyes fell on his husband. Duo was smiling so tenderly and mouthed to him.

Watch me.

Duo knelt between Heero's part legs and straightened up. The Japanese boy held his breath as he watched Duo slowly unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his muscled chest that made Heero long to run his fingers on it. Duo's hands trailed down to unfasten his pants and slowly lowered them, together with his boxers.

The size of Duo made Heero hold his breath and unconsciously tense. Duo seemed to realize it too. After throwing his pants and boxer onto the floor, Duo leant down and caressed Heero's cheek. "What's up, love?"

"I..." Heero hesitated but Duo's gentle touch on his cheek encouraged him. "I know very little about this...."

"I know." Duo kissed his Japanese spouse lightly. "Don't worry, just lie there and let me do the rest."

Heero felt Duo nip on his neck. He threw his head and gave Duo more space to play with. "I..." Heero moaned before he continued. "I know you'll be inside me if I were a female. But I'm not a female so how......"

Duo's chuckles stopped the Japanese boy. He felt Duo pull away and saw his husband looking down at him with amusement and pride. Heero frowned. "What are you smiling at?"

"I'll be inside you whether you're a female or a male, Heero." Duo reached inside the drawer on the nightstand next to their bed.

Heero frowned deeper as he watched Duo retrieved a bottle he didn't recognize. "How you are going to be inside me and what is that bottle?"

"This will make me easier to be inside you." Duo chuckled as he coated his fingers with transparent substance from the bottle. "About how I'm going to be inside you, you'll find out soon."

Heero watched unblinkingly as Duo brought down his fingers and gasped in surprise as he felt one slick finger penetrated him from his back entrance. The finger wiggled its way in, touching and prodding his inner tissues. "Th.... That..."

"Yes, that's how I will get inside you." Duo sucked on Heero's neck while he added the second finger inside his Japanese spouse.

Heero gasped louder as he felt stretched by the fingers. They were like two snakes looking for their prey inside him. They prodded, wiggled and pushed his tissues aside. He felt uncomfortable with the intrusion and was about to tell Duo to stop when Duo's other hand closed on his arousal. Heero jerked up at the intimate touch, causing the fingers to drive deeper into him. The hand on him started stroking him, making him hard while the fingers drove in and out of him.

Heero couldn't' decide whether to stop Duo or not. He liked the stroke while at the same time feeling uncomfortable with the intrusion. However the pleasure he felt from the stroking overshadowed the uncomfortable feeling, making him decide to just surrender to whatever Duo wanted to do to him.

"You're very beautiful, Heero." Duo whispered hoarsely while his hands worked on his now writhing spouse. "I can't wait any longer to be inside you."

Heero looked at his husband and saw the lust and need on those violet eyes. He felt the hands on and inside him withdrew, leaving him feeling somewhat empty. His heart pounded loudly as he waited what would happen next. He had very vague description about what Duo would do on him. The braided boy was now hovering over him and urging him to spread his legs wider. Then Heero felt something blunt pressed on his back entrance where Duo's fingers penetrated before and he knew right away what Duo would do.

The realization made him tense again and unconsciously put his hands on Duo's chest, trying to push Duo away.

"What's wrong?" Duo looked concern and at the same time annoyed. The long haired man withdrew and sat the bed between Heero's spread legs.

Heero sat up slowly and inspected Duo's proof of passion. It was so big and his mind told him it was impossible for Duo to be inside him. He unconsciously let the fear apparent on his face and was startled when Duo's hand caressed his cheek.

"Don't be afraid." Duo whispered gently.

"But Duo...." Heero swallowed. "I don't think I can...."

Duo stopped him with a kiss and hugged him, whispering into his ear. "You can, Heero. It will hurt at the first time since you're very tight but I won't harm you. Please trust me, okay?"

Heero still found it was hard to believe Duo could get inside him without tearing him, but Duo's embrace seemed to soothe and calm him down. He found out he was nodding his consent and got a smile from his husband.

The long haired man hugged him tightly and brought him closer, pressing their bodies into each other. Heero gasped as he felt their naked flesh brushed against each other and instinctively put his arms around Duo's neck and his legs around Duo's waist. His husband gave him a soothing kiss before seizing his rear with both hands.

Heero was surprised when he felt Duo lifted him and positioned his entrance above Duo's hardened flesh. As Duo lowered him, he could feel the blunt edge pressing into him, wanting to enter him.

"Relax, Heero and trust me." Duo whispered gently as he slowly pushed his spouse down onto his aching need.

Heero gasped and tried to relax as Duo had told him. His weight, combined with the pressure Duo applied finally made his muscles yielded and let the blunt tip in. Once he took Duo inside, Heero felt Duo release his hold and gasped loudly as his body followed the gravity and engulfed Duo's hardened flesh to the hilt.

His eyes watered at the burning sensation he felt from the penetration but Duo kissed him and hugged him soothingly. "It will go away soon. Relax and let your body adjust to me, Heero."

Heero hid his face into Duo's shoulder and waited for his body to adjust to Duo. The burning pain slowly subsided, replaced with the feeling of fullness. He could feel Duo pulse inside him and sighed contentedly when the pain became almost unnoticeable.

Recognizing Heero's adjustment, Duo withdrew a little from his speared spouse. "Are you okay?"

"Ah." Heero gasped in pleasure as Duo's slight movement made his sheathed flesh prodded something inside him that sent spark of pleasure thorough his body. He unconsciously tightened his inner muscles around Duo, making Duo gasp in pleasure as well.

"I will take it as an okay." Duo chuckled and seized Heero's hip. He lifted his impaled spouse halfway before pushing him back down onto him. Heero gasped loudly as Duo nailed right on his prostate. He tightened his hold on Duo's neck and waist as his husband lifted him and then impaled him again. It started slowly and then became faster as Heero started rocking up and down, following Duo's maneuver.

"So tight" Duo moaned. "So good.... I have been dreaming about this for a long time, Heero."

Heero couldn't form any words as the pleasure attacked him repeatedly. He felt Duo push him down faster and harder as if trying to be deeper inside him. His braided husband let out a primal growl and suddenly Heero found he had been lying and pinned onto the bed, still joint. He looked up at his hovering husband only to have Duo seized his lips. The fire quickly spread over Heero as Duo started thrusting into him while his tongue was doing the same thing in Heero's mouth.

They rocked faster and harder, giving Heero enormous pleasure every time Duo hit something inside him. He could feel Duo as tense as him and knew both of them were getting closer to the end. Duo's hand suddenly closed over his abandoned flesh and stroke him, making him gasp in surprise and pleasure. Not being able to hold on the stimulation any longer, Heero let out a yell and came. At the same time, he felt Duo tense and something warm splashed inside him. He could hear Duo shouting out his name and smiled before the intense pleasure blacked him out.


"Heero...." Heero frowned and vaguely felt his cheek kissed softly. "Wake up, love." A gentle voice whispered near his ear and he found himself opened his eyes slowly. He could see Duo's smiling face before him. He blinked and looked around. They were on a safe boat and he was sitting on Duo's lap, leaning against his braided husband. Wufei and Sally were sitting across them, a smile on Sally's face and a scowl on the Chinese man's face. He could see the unconscious Julia, Rob, and the captain in another safe boat, quite far away from them.

"What... where..." Heero blinked in confusion. His mind supplied his last memory was having Duo inside him and then........

"You blacked out after our coupling." Duo grinned and kissed him possessively. "You're wonderful, Heero."

Heero smiled and leant back against Duo. He liked being in Duo's arms, feeling safe and loved. "So what happened?" He looked at the other pair.

"We couldn't find the hidden weapons, so we decided to sink the ship." Sally answered as she leant against her husband. "We have sent a SOS signal to the nearest ship, they will pick us in one hour."

"Don't worry, I don't forget to bring your laptop." Duo grinned and patted the black box next to him.

Heero nodded and then turned to Wufei. "Why do you look so gloomy, Wufei?"

Sally chuckled. "He lost the bet again, Heero."

"What bet?" Heero frowned.

"That you wouldn't stay long in the bed." Sally giggled and patted her husband's arm.

"Who ever thought you would black out after the sex." Wufei grumbled.

Heero raised an eyebrow and turned to Duo. "Is it unusual to black out after it?"

Duo chuckled and gave his cheek a peck. "Not so usual, but I don't think there's nothing wrong with it. Moreover, it boosts up my ego." Heero gave his husband a confused look but Duo didn't explain further. He just chuckled and hugged Heero tightly. "Don't think about it, I'm happy with the outcome and I don't think you have objection either."

"I am happy with the outcome." Heero tugged at Duo's braid. "But I'm not happy with my clothes." He was wearing the same dress he had been wearing for two days and he was really not happy about it. He hated dress and he wanted to wear his tank top and spandex again.

"Sorry, we don't have any other clothes." Duo caressed his Japanese spouse's back gently. "I'll get you another clothes once we get helped."

"You better." Heero tried to sound angry but the soft caress on his back was too distracting. He felt relaxed and yawned. Duo gently pushed his head to lean on his shoulder and Heero was fast asleep within a minute.

Wufei blinked at the scene he witnessed. He knew he wouldn't believe it if he didn't see it with his own eyes. "Here I thought I would get to watch a couple's quarrel. I never thought you could calm him with that simple gesture."

Duo smiled and caressed Heero's cheek. "Neither did I."

Wufei had to smile at that answer. He looked down to his wife and found out Sally also had dozed off. Still smiling, he gathered his wife into his arms and then looked up to find Duo watching them. Both of the men locked gazes and then smiled, knowing they had found their mate for life.

"I have to thank Une for this assignment." Duo smiled and looked down at his spouse.

"So do I." Wufei whispered as he caressed Sally's cheek.


"Trowa, Trowa, look! It's them!" Quatre squealed in delight as he watched his four friends got into the ship. He quickly ran up to meet them, followed by Trowa who smiled slightly.

Quatre called for them after the current captain and his crews had left them alone and dragged Julia and Rob to be interrogated, accompanied with the captain from the sunken ship.

"Quatre?" Duo looked at him in surprise. He had one arm around the waist of the equally surprised Heero.

"Of course it's me, who else?" Quatre snorted. "Hello Wufei, I see you and Sally have gotten a long very well."

Wufei, who was carrying the still sleeping Sally, blinked. "Uh yeah.... Quatre, you...."

"Why aren't you wearing your dress?" Heero cut Wufei. They were all surprised to see Quatre in his usually khaki pants and pink blazer. Trowa was smiling behind him, one arm around the blonde's waist so there was no doubt for the other passengers that they were a couple.

"Oh that." Quatre giggled. "No wonder you all seem surprised. Well, once arrived in the ship, I read our assignment carefully and found out there was no restriction for gay couple to join the honeymoon in this ship. I tried to call you, Heero but you have already left."

"So in other words, you and Heero didn't have to wear a dress to carry out this mission?" Wufei grinned, almost chuckled loudly if not because the thunderous expression on Heero's face.

"Yes, as you see, I don't wear the dress, do I?" Quatre answered and watched in wonder when Duo became pale. The long haired man tried to hug his spouse, but was pushed away. Quatre looked into the Japanese boy's eyes and saw hell promised by those eyes.

Heero promised more than hell. He had to put up wearing this damn dress while Quatre could wear his own clothes? He really couldn't accept that. Furious, Heero retrieved his hidden gun from beneath his dress.

"Heero, calm down." Duo spoke worriedly.

"Duo, calm him down." Wufei also looked at him worriedly, clutching his wife protectively.

"I don't think I can do that this time." Duo cringed as Heero released the gun's safety.

"OMAE O KOROSU!" Heero exploded and the ship was in chaos within seconds.

Needless to say, half an hour later, a confused Quatre and an equally oblivious Trowa found themselves on a safe boat together with Wufei, Sally, Duo, and a sulking Heero who still hadn't had chance to get rid of his dress.

Far away from the sea, an ex general from OZ sobbed over the lost of his three ships and vowed not to name any of his ships with Titanic I, Titanic II, or Titanic III.


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