From Far Away Part 25

"So we will depart at the dawn?" Duo asked from where he was sitting on a couch, one arm around Heero's waist, who sat next to him. "Why don't we confront this creature right now?"

"We still need to unite our forces." Wufei answered. They had just finished the dinner and moved into one of the empty room to discuss the strategy for the battle. He sat on another couch across Duo's couch, together with Relena, Quatre, and Trowa while Hilde, Sally, and Noin sat on the chairs on his right side.

"Lady Iria's kingdom is the furthest so she will need time to organize her troops." Relena spoke up when she noticed Duo still didn't get it. "We'll attack this creature from two directions simultaneously. Sir Howard and Sir Ron Shirin will attack from south while Lady Iria and us will attack from the north. The dawn is the fastest time Lady Iria's troops can join us so we have decided to move together at that time."

"So all four kingdoms will send their troops to defeat a single creature?" Duo frowned.

"No, of course." Noin answered. "From the last report we received, this creature has been followed by lots of dangerous beasts along its way toward Barge's border. We probably will have to fight them before we can reach the creature."

"Lots of beasts follow this creature?" Heero raised an eyebrow. "Why?"

Sally spoke up. "I once studied about the behaviors of beasts. And from what I heard, I can guess this creature let out an unique smell that make they think it as their leader."

"Crap." Duo cursed unconsciously. "It looks like this creature can't be underestimated."

"That's right." Trowa nodded. "I have feeling this will be the biggest battle in history."

"If we lose, the monsters will attack all four kingdoms and soon there'll be only chaos in this world." At Quatre's words, Duo felt something nagging in his mind. Something important, but one he couldn't put finger on. However before he could think further of it, Hilde spoke up and distracted him.

"We won't lose." Hilde looked around her. "Don't be so pessimistic. We have the Shinigami and the Perfect Soldier on our side, we will surely prevail."

Relena smiled slightly. "Yes, we will win the battle. Now how about we quit discussing the battle and have a lighter talk? Such as.... " She turned to Trowa and Quatre. "How about telling Duo and Heero about your bonding ceremony?"

Duo watched as Quatre went red from head to toe while Trowa found the floor was more interesting than anything else in this room. Their expressions alone had affected the serious situation they were having, accompanied with the giggles from the girls made Duo feel relaxed. He leant back against the couch and grinned at the couple. "Congratulations, Trowa, Quatre."

"Congratulations." Heero smiled slightly.

Still blushing, Quatre thanked them while Trowa only nodded. Hilde teased the young couple and made the others laugh, melting the tension around them. From there, the conversation stirred toward more pleasant things. They spoke for almost an hour until Relena decided to end it since each of them still had jobs to do before the night was over, including Heero and Duo.

"We have to what?" Duo blinked. There were only Relena, Wufei, Hilde, Heero and he, left in the room, while the others had gone out to resume their jobs.

"You two have to learn to ride Pisces." Relena explained. "We will ride them into the battle tomorrow. They can fly and their speeds are twice faster than horses. Wufei and Hilde will help you."

"But I can do teleportation. I don't need a Pisces."

"Yes, you need it."

Duo turned to Heero in surprise. "What?"

"You can't just show up in the middle of battle without knowing the situation. We need to assess the situation first before we begin the battle. So we need other transportation other than your teleportation." Heero tugged Duo's braid. "We don't have much time, let's practice now. Wufei, Hilde, please show us where the Pisces are."


A few minutes later, in a secured stable, Duo was standing in front of a giant fish, which was a little higher than his waist.

One, a normal fish would not be this big unless it was a whale. Two, this fish was definitely not a whale. It looked more like a dolphin. Three, normal fish swam in the water, this fish FLOATED in the air!

Duo was certain there was a big sweatdrop on the back of his head. "This is... a Pisces?? How am I supposed to ride it?"

"Like this." Wufei stepped forward and took the rein, attached to the Pisces' mouth. He jumped up and sat on its back. Feeling a weigh on it, the Pisces started wriggling and trying to throw Wufei off of its back. The black haired warrior held the rein tightly and soon the Pisces gave up the struggle and became calm once again. Wufei patted its head and then turned to Duo, whose jaw had dropped onto the floor. "The Pisces is a high classed animal. You need to show them you're quite strong and worthy to ride them or they will throw you."

Duo grimaced. He was not a cowboy type. He needed weeks to finally be able to ride a horse without Heero's help and now he had to manage to ride a wild fish before tomorrow..... It was not likely.......

"Heero, I..." Duo stopped when he noticed where Heero was and dropped his jaw for the second time.

<<What, Duo?>> Heero talked to him telepathically. He had already sat on another Pisces and was patting the fish's head slowly.

Duo looked at his lover dumbfoundedly. <<That fast? You only need a few minutes to tame the fish??>>

<<It's easy.>>Heero shrugged.

"Easy for a superman." Duo retorted.

"What?" Wufei jumped down from the Pisces.

"Uh, nothing. Just something about Heero."

Wufei nodded and put the reign on Duo's hand. "He is really fast in taming that Pisces. Here, try to do the same like him. I leave it to Heero to teach you. Hilde and I still have something to do. We'll return later to see the progress."

Duo looked at the reign and then looked at his assigned Pisces long, wondering how many bruises he would have at the end of the day.



Heero was worried as he watched the Pisces threw his lover off for the xx-th time. He approached the groaning boy. <<Are you okay?>>

<<Yeah...>> Duo rubbed his bottom that had landed on the ground first.

Heero helped him to stand. Duo was really not talented in this one thing called riding, well except for riding him maybe. Heero blushed at the thought and wondered how the hell he could think about that in the time like this.

<<.....ride you ne, Hee-chan?>>

Heero blinked. <<Huh? What? RIDING ME?!>>

<<Yeah, riding you. It's better than riding this Pisces.>> Duo grinned.

Heero blushed. How come Duo was also thinking the same thing like he did? <<Hentai...>>

<<Hentai? What? I just....>> Duo's thought was interrupted by a shout.

"Yuy, Maxwell."

Heero and Duo turned to the door and saw Wufei and Hilde approach them.

"Just finished our business. How is the progress, Duo?" Hilde smiled.

"Well..... I don't think I can ride this fish, Hilde. It keeps refusing me." Duo threw a glare to the fish. "I wish Heero could grow his angel wings so he could fly and I could ride him instead of the Pisces."

"Wings?" Heero looked at Duo dumbly. "I fly and you ride me?"

"Yes, I just told you that. What are you think....." Duo stopped in mid sentence and Heero saw him smirk knowingly. <<Oh.... You're thinking about another riding, aren't you?>>

Heero went scarlet and quickly turned away, pretending to take care of the Pisces so Wufei and Hilde wouldn't notice his red face.

<<Don't worry, Koi. I'll surely ride you later and no matter how wild you wriggle like the damn Pisces you're patting right now, I'll tame you. I'll make you submit to me and ride you until you scream my name.>> Heero shuddered as Duo sent the telepathic words with purring and seductive tone.

"Heero's wings... You told us yesterday that Heero had gained a pair of new wings, different from the ones we once saw." Unknown to herself, Hilde interrupted the hot telepathic discussion between Heero and Duo. "I'm just curious, Heero. What do those wings look like, if I may know?"

"I don't know." Heero turned back to face Hilde and Wufei. "Duo is the one who saw it and it could be his hallucination only."

"I wasn't hallucinating." Duo snorted. "I saw those wings clearly, so white and smooth, like being made from finest dove's feathers." The braided boy's eyes softened as his violet eyes fell on his lover. "You look so beautiful with those wings, koi."

"I'm not beautiful." Heero muttered.

"But you are, Heero." Hilde smiled. "I hope I can see you with those wings someday."

"Me too." Wufei spoke up. "However since Heero doesn't know how to conjure the wings back, I think you have to practice harder in riding the Pisces, Duo."

"Oh man, can't I have another safer transportation?" Duo groaned.

"It's not that difficult to ride a Pisces." Wufei snorted. "I'll watch you over this time."

"Well then, Heero and I will leave so you can focus in your practice." Hilde chirped.

Heero was about to say he wanted to stay with Duo when Hilde turned to him and looked at him pleadingly. "Please Heero? I would like to talk to you privately."

Acknowledging the seriousness in Hilde's eyes, Heero nodded and followed the girl out of the stable after telling Duo about his leave telepathically.

It appeared that Hilde took him to her room. The girl sat down on one chair and offered Heero the chair across her. Heero sat down and looked at the dark haired girl. "What do you want to talk about?"

Hilde looked at Heero sincerely. "I want to apologize."

"Apologize?" Heero frowned.

"I have wanted to do this for a long time since we parted. I apologize for what I said and did to you on that day when you... ...." Hilde bowed her head. "I'm really sorry."

Heero was surprised at Hilde's words but he quickly regained his composure back. He spoke softly to the girl in front of him. "Hilde, just forget it."

The girl looked up in confusion at him. Heero gave her what he thought was a smile since he never smiled except for Duo and he certainly didn't smile at her the same way he smiled at Duo. "Just forget it. I don't blame you for what had happened in the past. Most of them happened because of my own stupidity."

Hilde looked long at Heero. It was so hard for her to believe that the boy before him was the creature who was destined to destroy the world. He looked so innocent and never bore hatred to anyone. "You're very kind, Heero."

Heero blinked. "That's the first time anyone has told me that."

"It's the truth." She smiled to him and put her hands on Heero's hand, which was resting on the table. "Thank you so much, Heero. I feel relief now. I will be able to sleep without feeling any guilt."

Heero just nodded in understanding for he too had his own guilt. They spent some more time, talking lightly to sort of what had happened between them and then Heero got a telepathic call from Duo.



<<I finally manage to ride the goddamn Pisces. Have you finished your conversation with Hilde? I still have one riding promise to comply, you know.>>


<<I give you ten minutes to get here, or I'll pick you up by myself, koi.>>

Heero blushed and stood up before Hilde could see his redden face. Luckily Hilde had nothing more to speak to him so he quickly excused himself. He arrived at his chamber five minutes early and found Duo standing near the window, gazing up at the stars.

Duo turned to him and smiled. "Hey Hee-koi." He gestured to Heero to come near him.

Heero approached the braided boy and stood next to him. "What are you looking up there?"

"Just remembering how beautiful the night sky is." Duo put his arms around Heero's waist and pulled his lover closer to him. "Not as beautiful as you, of course." The braided boy kissed Heero softly and Heero just melted there and then.

<<Kekkonshiyo, Heero.>>

Heero was surprised and pulled back from the kiss. He couldn't pull away too far though since Duo's arms imprisoned him between them.

<<What did you say?>> Heero stared at Duo, thinking his hearing fail him. He never told Duo about this one word. The word one person would say when they wanted to perform the bonding ceremony.

Duo smiled genuinely and cupped Heero's face with his hands. "Kekkonshiyo, Heero."

Heero just stared at his braided lover, trembling slightly in disbelief. "Do you really mean it?" He whispered so softly with his wavered voice. "Do you know what you were saying just now?"

"I asked Wufei a lot to make sure I didn't make any mistakes in understanding the word." Duo kissed Heero lightly. "I mean it. I mean it with all my heart." He lowered his hands, brushing Heero's body all along till they rested on his waist once again. "Will you accept this ceremony, Heero?"

Heero just nodded, not trusting himself to speak at this moment. He never hoped he would ever perform this ceremony.

He never *dared* to hope for it.

Until now....

The bonding, the exchanging of eternal promises between two persons who loved each other. It was the ultimate act between two lovers.

Now Duo and he would perform the sacred ceremony. Heero felt tears gathering on his eyes as he looked at Duo. How he loved this person. The one who never looked down on him and understood him most. Duo was everything he could ask for. He leant forward and kissed Duo passionately, pouring all his love on the kiss.

<<Let's do the ceremony now, koi.>> Duo pulled away from the kiss and stepped back, breaking their embrace.

Again, Heero could only nod. There were too many emotions swirling inside him that made it hard for him to say any simple word.

Heero took a step back and then locked gaze with Duo. They looked long at each other, savoring the moment and the sight of their mate. Slowly Duo unbuttoned his tunic and Heero followed the suit. They moved in synchronization, stripping slowly and revealing their bare flesh for their lover until they were both naked, back to the condition they were once born and free from any barriers that once covered them.

Duo looked at his mate from head till toe, slowly tracing every curve of the naked body. He knew he wouldn't forget this moment and neither would Heero. He took a step forward and Heero did the same, causing their bodies to collide and both moaned at the touch. Duo put his hands around Heero's waist and pulled him, pressing their naked bodies together.

Still not breaking their gazes, Heero reached behind and retrieved Duo's braid. He looked at Duo for permission and got a nod as approval. Smiling, he pulled the tie holding the braid and slowly unraveled it, letting the hair flowed down and relishing the silkiness of his lover's hair.

Once finished, Heero put his hands around his mate's neck. Duo's long hair was now shimmering as the moonlight fell on it, adding his beauty. "You're very beautiful" Heero whispered hoarsely.

"You too." Duo smiled as his eyes traced every curve of Heero's body.

They locked gaze again and without any words said between them, having understood each other, they started the ceremony.

<<I pledge to be always at your side, Heero Yuy. No matter what happens, no matter what befalls.>>

Heero smiled at Duo's words. No doubt Duo would say those words as he would say his <<And I pledge to protect you with all my life, Duo Maxwell.>>

<<I will love you with all my heart.>>

<<I will love you with all my soul.>>

<<Fire may burn us >>

<<Ice may freeze us>>

<<Wind may wipe us>>

<<Earth may swallow us>>

<<But not even death can separate us.>>

<<We'll be always together>>

"Eien ni."

They said the last two words together simultaneously as if only one person said the words, and then sealed the solemn vow with a kiss. Moonlight shined through the window and fell on their naked bodies, giving the magic effect in the room. They pressed against each other so tightly that the shadow on the floor, created by the moonlight, looked like as their bodies had became one. Moon and stars above had become their witnesses.

<<Aishiteru, Heero.>>

<<Aishiteru, Duo.>>

Duo took Heero's left hand and kissed his slender wrist softly. <<Once the battle is over, I will get the bonding bracelet for you.>>

<<And I you too.>> Heero smiled.

Duo smiled and released Heero's hand. He lifted his bonded mate, carried him to the bed and slowly lowered him onto the bed. He pulled away and let his eyes feast on his lover's naked body as Heero did the same to him. Duo was surprised though when Heero suddenly rolled over and lay on his stomach. <<Heero?>>

<<You promised to ride me, don't you?>> Heero got on his hands and knees slowly, feeling Duo's eyes followed his every movement.

<<Yes, but don't you want to be on your back for this moment?>> Duo sat on the bed and admired the twin globes offered to him. <<Not I mind, though>>

<<Just do it, Duo. It really doesn't matter what position we are on. All I want is making love to you.>> Heero lowered his head and raised his ass. He had given Duo his heart and soul, now he would give Duo his body fully and completely.

Duo touched the soft globes tenderly and closed his eyes to retain his control. All he wanted to do was burying himself inside his bonded mate, claiming his virginity once again. <<Heero, you know how much it means to me.>>

<<Yes koi, I do. It means so much for me too. Ride me, make love to me.>>

That was where the words stopped functioning and motions took over. Duo caressed Heero's round globes and kneaded it softly before leaning down and delivering a kiss on each cheek.

Heero moaned at the feeling Duo's lips on his flesh. Those lips then pulled away and Duo's fingers slid inside him and started preparing him for the claiming. He gasped in pleasure every time those slender digits touched something pleasurable inside him. Then he felt those fingers pulled away and Duo slowly slid inside him.

Heero arched his back and thrust back, sheathing Duo completely with his warm body. They moved in harmony and each of them relished every thrust, feeling completed as they had bonded with their chosen mate. Heero arched his back further up and turned his head to meet Duo's lips with his. He felt Duo's hand around his midsection while the other one held the back of his head, pressing him further into the kiss. As they rocked faster, Duo broke the kiss. He released Heero's head and trailed down to tease the twin nubs on Heero's chest while the other hand sneaked down to capture the hardened flesh between Heero's legs. He drove himself harder into Heero, causing Heero to arch up in each thrust.



The fire of passion engulfed them, carrying them into the peak of pleasure. Heero threw his head back and yelled Duo's name in pleasure while Duo leant down and bit his lover's shoulder as they found their release at the same time.

At that very moment, time ceased to exist as they became one.

One body

One heart

One soul

Never could be separated again.




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