Ever After Part 6
Snippet of Duo's Favorite Time

After Colony 212
7th of June

Waking up with your beloved in your arms is a wonderful feeling I wouldn't change for anything. It has been half a year since I found him and now he is sleeping peacefully in my arms, full with our unborn daughter, Helen.

It's true what people say about how a pregnant woman glows. Heero also glows all day.... save for the time of the attacks of pain. It still leaves me feeling guilty and miserable every time I see Heero in pain. That's why I tried my best to make him happy. I'll surely make up to him for the lost time.

"Hmm..." Heero stirred slightly, still asleep. I kiss the back of his neck gently and run my hand over the bulge on his midsection where Helen rests inside. It still amazes me how his compact and slender body can stretch to accommodate a baby. His stomach has expanded beyond normal and no six packed muscles anymore. The additional weight makes his walking slow and makes him slightly unbalanced.

Heero feels he is ugly but to me he is so adorable. I'm like a teenager who can't keep his hands off of Heero. Solo even dared to tease me about it. I can't help it. I love Heero so much. I'm like a fool who can do nothing but smile whenever I see him lounging in the garden, singing to unborn Helen.

Garden. That reminds me that I need to hide his shovel and other gardening tools. He isn't supposed to work while pregnant, especially when Helen decides it's time to practice kicking.


Ah, he is awake. I tighten my arms around him and bring my face near his ear. "Yes, love?"


That's his famous word nowadays. I sigh and release my hold on him. One thing I dislike about his pregnancy is that it makes Heero have to repeatedly visit the bathroom. Well, at least I can have a full view of his cute bare bottom as he walks wobbly to the bathroom. It's my pride and joy to make him lose the inhibition of wearing robe in the morning. There's no point in wearing one since I'm going to take it off second after he returns to the bedroom and make love to him.

Knowing he will be quite awhile in the bathroom, I grab my robe and go the kitchen to prepare his breakfast. Omelet is a must for him. Thankfully, he doesn't require it to be mixed with chocolate like what Sally demands Wu to make, he just wants the omelet to be thick and fill the plate, which requires at least 5 eggs.

When the super big omelet is ready, I take it back to the bedroom. I enter it in time as Heero walks out of the bathroom. I grin and hold the tray higher. "Breakfast in bed, special service for you."

Heero snorts but he approaches me nevertheless. It's so cute to see him try not to look interested in his breakfast. When he tries to snatch the omelet, I lift the tray higher, out of his reach. "Huh uh, I said breakfast in bed, so you have to be in bed to get it."

"Duo..." Heero growls and glares at me.

People say not to tease pregnant ones, but I feel a bit daring today. I gesture to the bed. "Hop in and wait to be served, love."

The glare intensifies, but I hold my ground. I lean forward and give him a morning kiss. "Come on, let me spoil you once in a while."

Heero grunts but he climbs onto the bed nevertheless. I follow him and put the tray on the nightstand, not trusting him to leave the tray intact. I disrobe quickly and join Heero in the bed, pulling him to sit on my lap. He is quite heavy since he is full with Helen, but it's no problem for me. However, having him in my lap and arms makes me forget my original intention. I start kissing and caressing him. My hands stroke his midsection gently as I tell him how beautiful he is. When I release one arm to find the lube, Heero elbows me. Hard.

"Where's my breakfast?" His voice wavers like he is going to cry.

Shit, mood swing is a very bad thing. I think this is my limit for teasing him. Trying to placate my pregnant spouse, I quickly put the tray on his lap and cut the omelet for him. Thankfully he likes to be fed and stays contentedly, chewing the omelet while I wait on him. Halfway through the omelet, I run my other hand on his stomach, caressing it gently. No reaction and no elbow coming from him, that's a good sign. I start kissing and nibbling his right ear, not forgetting to feed him the omelet so he stays docile. It feels so good to have him in my arms.

As expected, when Heero finishes his breakfast, I have been hard just from stroking and caressing him. I put the empty tray on the nightstand and bring my hands back to catch his nipples. When Heero is not pregnant, his nipples are already his sensitive spot. Now that Heero is pregnant, they have become a VERY sensitive spot. Just a touch like I'm doing right now can make Heero moan.

My docile spouse is no more. He wiggles and moans, reacting to my play on his nipples. I pull on them slightly. Heero gasps and throws his head to the back, against my chest. His movement reveals his slender neck. I waste no time to nuzzle it and plant a big hickey where even turtleneck can't hide it. Solo will surely lecture me to stop ravishing his Mom again when he spots the hickey, but at this moment, I don't care.

Heero's moans have made me hard and wiggling his butt against my lap is not helping. I grunt and search the bed for the lube. It has to be somewhere near here since I used it last night. Ah got it! After spraying the lube on my fingers, I toss the lube aside and slip my lubricated fingers between our bodies and down to the cleft between my spouse's delectable bottom. Heero keens loudly as I stretch his opening and prepare him.

After deeming he is ready, I withdraw my fingers. I place my hands on his waist and lift him up then push him down to sheath me. God, he is so tight. I can't help but moan as I feel his warm body envelop me. So tight. So warm. So blissful. Heero is tight from the start. Pregnancy makes him tighter even more. I have to control my body not to move and try to stay still to let him adjust to me. He is panting while his body tries to accommodate my size. I grab his chin and turn his head so I can kiss him on the lips. My hands aren't idle either. They tug on Heero's nipples then trail down to his big stomach. Believe it or not, Heero's stomach is a big turn on for me. As I stroke his bulging stomach, Heero keens for more. The word 'adorable' pops into my head and I can feel myself become harder inside him.

"Don't move, Heero." I grunt the words out, feeling my self control wavering. I don't want to start before he is ready.

To my surprise, Heero growls impatiently and wiggle on my lap. Guess, he has been ready for sometime. I deliver a kiss on the back of his neck once before straightening and pulling him up and out slowly. Heero moans at the friction then gasp as I push down, back inside him to the hilt. I rock slowly within him, savoring every friction and sensation his warm haven elicits on me.

"Duo!" Heero gasps and arches his back.

I think I have prodded his spot inside. I hasten my thrusts and caress his stomach. "Aishiteru." I murmur and kiss his cheek while I keep thrusting in and out of his sweet body, taking care to hit his pleasure spot in every spot. Sensing he is losing his strength and beginning to drown in pleasure, I sneak one arm around his chest and my other hand sneak lower to capture him. He gasps loudly at my touch then moan as I stroke him.

Pleasure builds inside me as my pace becomes more frenzied. All I see is his heaving shoulders, all I hear is his pants and moans, all I smell is his unique body odor, and all I feel is his tight warm haven and his hardness in my hand. When I feel the white pleasure explode before my eyes, I tighten my hold on him and drive into him to the hilt. Heero's warm wetness pours on my hand as I pour my seed inside his pliant body.

When I come to my senses, I congratulate myself for not collapsing. I smile as I feel him slumping against me and panting. Slowly, I maneuver both of us so we lay on our side with me still inside of him. I put my arms around him and pull him back against my chest, enjoying the closeness between us.

"Aishiteru, Heero." I murmur to him and caress his stomach gently.

"Aishiteru." He whispers back.

I smile and nuzzle his hair. "Try to sleep. We still have a few more hours before Solo decides it's time for us to leave the bed."

Heero grunts but says no more. His heart beat grows steady and before long he is fast asleep. I guess pregnancy and my insatiable exercises, as Solo says it, wear him out. I nuzzle and caress him for some more before closing my eyes to join him in Morpheus's world.

Waking up with your beloved in your arms is a wonderful feeling but falling asleep with your beloved in your arms and you inside him is the most wonderful one.



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