Enslaving Heero Part 30


Heero blinked and looked around to see a man around his fifty standing near him in white suits. He didn't recognize him. "Who are you?"

The man blankly looked at him. "Don't you recognize me?"

Heero frowned. "No. Who are you?"

The man opened his white jacket. Suddenly he saw blood covering his inner shirt, right before his heart. "You did this to me, didn't you remember?"

"NO!" Heero stared horridly as the man before him started rotting into a corpse with hollow eyes and decayed skin.

"You killed me." The man reached out to Heero.


Heero's eyes snapped open and were greeted with the ceiling he had been familiar with for the past two weeks. He panted and shuddered, not liking what he was feeling at the moment. The scene before him just now.... It was nothing but a nightmare.

Nothing but a nightmare.

Heero told himself repeatedly and tried to focus his mind on something away from the nightmare. The first thing that came into his mind that he had buried his head in Duo's chest. An arm that wasn't his was draped on his upper body possessively while a leg covered his own legs. At the knowledge that he was in his Master's arms, being held by him, his pounding heart began to slow down. He snuggled closer towards Duo and felt comforted when his butt plug prodded inside him at his movement. That's right, he belonged to Duo. His to be used. His to be punished, and his to be loved. His Master wouldn't let anything happen to his property. The thought calmed and soothed him, chasing the feelings left by the nightmare away.

However, it didn't help to sleep again. Heero didn't want a repeated nightmare, so he stayed with his eyes opened, staring at Duo's smooth chest and savored the feelings of his Master's skin all over him. Ashe laid in the dark, he contemplated what had just happened.

For the first time since his slavery began, the nightmare appeared. He had been used to it before. It was the same nightmare. Sometimes it came as a middle-aged man and sometimes it came as a little girl. Although Relena said that he was a hero, he felt more like a killer. He had lost counts on how many persons he had killed in order to gain the newfound peace.

Heero wasn't stupid. He knew his guilt sometimes was still bugging him. Added with his trepidation for the upcoming contest and his assignment in a field mission, it wasn't really surprising that he gota nightmare. He was glad to do the assignment, and yet...

"I don't want to kill anymore..." Heero whispered to no one.

"You won't." Came a firm reply from above his head. Heero was startled as he realized Duo was awake. He tried to pull away but Duo's arm and leg tightened their holds on him. "It's just a nightmare, Kitten. You're safe with me." A pair of familiar lips touched his forehead gently. "I'll take care of you. Go to sleep, slave of mine."

Surprisingly, Heero did just that. He felt so serene at hearing his Master's order that once he closed his eyes, he was off to the other world.

In the bed, Duo stroked his slave's hair gently before delivering one last kiss and joined his slave to the world of slumber.

The nightmare wouldn't be able to plan its nails on them now that they had each other to turn to.


Whichever ways Heero hoped to be awakened by, the ringing of phone surely wasn't one of them. Still half awakened, he muttered some expletives in Japanese as he reached for the cordless phone on the nightstand.

"Moshi mo-"

"Yuy! Help me!"

Heero blinked and got instantly awakened and alert. "Chang? What happened?"

"I can't stand that Onna! She put a collar on me while I was sleeping!" Wufei tugged the green steel band around his neck in irritation.

There was a pause on Wufei's end before he heard the Japanese Preventer speaking up.

"You can just rip the collar..."

"The band was made of steel. That Onna locked the collar so I couldn't remove it without ripping my neck off."

"How could you not realize she was putting collar on you?"

"I was sleeping and very exhausted."

There was a rustle of clothes and a squeak before Wufei saw the video screen was activated. Finally Yuy got out of the bed.

"Hey, Wufei," The video screen showed a heart-shaped face with a grin and amusement reflecting on those violet eyes.

"Maxwell!" Wufei glowered. "Where's Yuy?"

"He is a little busy," The once called Shinigami grinned at him. "That green collar looks good on you."

Wufei's glare intensified.

"Now, what was this I heard... Dorothy managed to put the collar on you? And you slept through the night because of exhaustion?" Maxwell's grin got widened. "You didn't take a nap so it ought to be night time when you were sleeping. Yet, Dorothy was there to put the collar. We all know that we didn't do any work yesterday so you couldn't be that exhausted that you weren't aware of her work. Let's see what I can conclude here... Did you go to her apartment and have sex with her through the night, Chang?

"I met her to discuss the mission!" Wufei barked.

"Ah, ah, you're blushing. You must have gone from discussion to practice."

"Shut up, Maxwell. Where's Yuy? I need his strength to break this cursed collar."

"The collar is your own problem, Chang," The braided boy snorted before smiled slyly, looking at something behind the Chinese Preventer. "And I think you have awakened your Mistress with your shout."

Wufei looked over his shoulder to see the blond woman standing, thankfully in nightgown instead of naked. However, the thought of her nakedness was gone when his eyes fell onto the instrument she held on her right hand.

"I don't want to interrupt you two," Duo announced cheerfully. "Alright then, see you two weeks later, Chang, Catalonia."

"Wait, Maxwell!" Wufei screamed frantically, but he quickly turned around at the swishing sound behind him. "Wait, Dorothy... " He took a step back as Dorothy advanced, waving the whip in her hand.

"You have been a bad boy, Wufei."

"No... wait, Onna....Wait!"

Duo disconnected the screen and Wufei's shout stopped at once. "Poor Wufei..." He snickered and looked at the bed where his slave was writhing. Approaching the bed, Duo pointed the remote control in his hand to his slave and the Japanese boy visibly slumped, lying on his side and panting heavily.

"Never thought the butt plug was a vibrator as well, kitten?" Duo sat on the bed and ruffled his slave's hair.

"Wh...why did you do this while I was talking to Wufei, Master?" Heero said weakly, trying to hold out his orgasm. "He could be in danger."

"Relax, Wufei is safe with Dorothy. For your information, I had set the timer so the butt plug would vibrate automatically and wake you up. Too bad that Wufei's call had ruined my surprise."

Ruined or not, Heero didn't think it was a nice surprise for him. But he wisely shut his mouth as his Master's hand sneaked toward his still sore ass.

"Dorothy is a real Dom, isn't she?" Heero muttered.

"How did you know?" Duo said as his hands lazily caressed his slave's buttocks.

"No ordinary woman can make Wufei goes that frantic and desperately asking for my help just in one day."

"That's right," Duo chuckled. "Yes, Dorothy is a Dom. She is one of the mistresses you met in the chat room. Wufei is quite unfortunate to get her as a partner."

"Why so?"

"She just lost her sub and wasn't in her best mood. I think she will really make Wufei her slave. She loves using whip to mark her slave."

Heero shuddered at the information. "I'm glad I chose you, Master."

Duo laughed merrily. The hand dove between his cheeks and pulled out the evil butt plug. Heero couldn't help but moan at the feeling of being emptied.

"On your back, Kitten."

Heero complied and spread his legs wide, welcoming his Master penetration. His mewl and gasp echoed in the room as his Master used him for morning pleasure.

"You may not come." Duo ordered as he thrust in and out of his slave.

Heero nodded, telling his Master that he heard the order. His hands gripped the bed sheet as he fought the pleasure which was trying to bring him to the edge.

"Your litany."

"I'm your slave," Heero gasped as Duo hit his prostate. "Yours to be used, punished and loved." The last word was almost inaudible as his Master's mouth came upon his, devouring him as Duo kept rocking inside. Heero groaned one last time before striving to hold his orgasm. He predicted that he wouldn't be out of the bed soon if his Master enjoyed his body this much.


The order not to come had kept Heero's mind focused in doing his daily tasks. However, when he was finishing his last chore, tidying the bedroom, he was back worrying about the upcoming party. While surveying this lifestyle a few months ago, Heero had read some stories involving parties. He knew that he wasn't allowed to speak to other Masters unless spoken to or being permitted. He also knew that he had to act civil to other slaves. Knowing the party rules didn't make him less nervous, though.

This was Duo he was thinking about. His evil sadistic Master. What would Duo make him do? Would he get clothed or go there naked? Heero shuddered as the thought of Duo giving him to the other Masters for pleasure came into his mind. No, no, Heero shook his head to banish the thought. Duo had said that he was his and his alone. His Master wouldn't share him with anyone else. But party meant entertainment...would his Master entertain his friends by ordering him to suck him in front of the others? Or would his Master take him in public?


Heero squeaked at the sting on his sore bottom and turned around to see his Master standing before him. Heero gulped as he noticed his Master frowning. "Master?"

"I called you several times, Kitten," Duo crossed his arms, clearly waiting for an explanation.

"I...I am sorry, Master. I was thinking," Heero bowed his head.

A finger sneaked below his chin and pushed his head up to face his Master. "You're nervous about the party, aren't you?"

Heero nodded slightly, not wanting to shake off the finger on his chin.

"Knowing you, you have already memorized the rules, haven't you?"

Heero nodded again. "I do.... But what do you want me to do, Master? What will you do to me?"

Duo didn't answer. He sat down on the bed instead and gestured his slave to sit on his lap. His face didn't show what he was thinking so Heero nervously sat on his Master's lap, wondering what Duo would do.

"Kitten," Duo put his arms around his slave and caressed him. "It's up to me to do whatever I want to you. I own you."

Heero felt his nipple rings were pulled down simultaneously. He gasped and arched his back.

"You're mine to be used. All you have to do is follow the rules and submit. Let me enjoy you in whatever way I want," Duo spoke near Heero's ear and ended the sentence by licking the delectable earlobe. "Mine."

As his Master proceeded to have a snack on him, Heero tried to quell his anxiety. He belonged to Duo, his to be used as he pleased. He could only trust his Master not to harm him, body and mind. And as Heero thought further about his Master's characters, there was little chance that Duo would make him naked. His Master was very possessive after all.

Kamisama, let his prediction be right....


It turned out that Kamisama was feeling sadistic today. Heero looked at the mirror and revised his opinion. Kamisama was as sadistic as his Master. True that he wasn't left being naked, but....

Heero glared at the mirror but instead of disappear, the image of a Japanese boy with a collar, an open vest that was designed to show the firm chest and bare navel of its wearer, and very short shorts glared back at him. The clothes were all black, leather, and tight, molding every curves of his body. This couldn't be him! Heero blinked but the image in front of him didn't disappear as he had hoped so.

Kamisama, that vest was more a decoration than a cloth. With a slight movement, it would reveal his nipple rings. The shorts were ultra short that he wondered whether he should call it trunks instead. They were very, very tight like a second skin that Heero felt his ass was still bared to the world. His hard cock was outlined clearly, making him blush at the thought of everyone could easily see how hard he was.

Once he heard the bathroom door opened, Heero turned to the door, wanting to protest to his Master. However, it died in his throat as his eyes fell on his Master, who was wearing red skintight shirt and black leather pants. Duo's long hair was tied instead of braided. Added with black gloves, boots, and an over coat - all made of leather, his Master looked dangerous and utterly sexy.

Heero swallowed as he felt his already tight shorts became tighter.

"I know the clothes will suit you well, Kitten," Duo looked satisfied as he approached his stunned slave. "You're almost perfect."

Heero's eyebrows twitched at his Master's last statement. After being trained to do everything perfectly ever since he could remember, he couldn't accept 'almost perfect' comment, especially when he had willed himself to wear these decoration-purposed-only-clothes. He had to be perfect or nothing at all!

Duo chuckled as if knowing his slave's irritation. He stepped forward to the Japanese boy and caressed the leather-covered ass. "I should add a few things to make you perfect. First," Duo reached inside the drawer in the cupboard next to the mirror. Heero looked in horror as his Master took out a pair of small bells from it.


"A kitten has to wear bells or he could get lost," Duo connected the bells on the little ring in the center of his collar. "This way, I know where you are all the time."

Heero made a face. He had been quite happy when his Master ordered him to remove his ankle bell before changing into his current outfit. He should have known that it was too kind for his Master to do that without any catches. Now, he got two bells instead of one. Any movement he made, even the slightest, would make the bells rang. Kamisama was surely on his Master's side today.

The hand on his buttock traveled lower into the cleft and the fingers touched the outer of his entrance. Heero shuddered at the pressure.

"Have you put the egg inside?"

Heero nodded, afraid if he opened his mouth, he would moan at having his entrance being teased by his Master's fingers. His Master didn't want to show his cat accessories to others so he ordered him to exchange it with the egg he used when he went to work. Heero liked his cat-tail better but felt glad that he didn't have to wear it to the party.

Duo reached into the drawer again and this time took out a lipstick. Heero widened his eyes at the item. "Master..."

"Open your lips, Kitten." Duo turned the lipstick up so it could be used.

Heero considered twisting his head away from the lipstick but a knead on his still-quiet-throbbing bottom convinced him against. So, Heero opened his lips obediently and let his Master applied the lipstick. When Duo was finished, Heero looked at the mirror and saw himself looking back at him with shiny reddish lips. He was mesmerized that how a simple lipstick could change his image drastically. Now, instead of looking like a mere slave, he looked sexy and exotic.

"Now, you're perfect," Duo stated in satisfaction. He took his slave's face and caressed the soft cheek slowly. "You're going to make all people in the party envy me."

Heero leaned slightly into the caress and looked at his Master. Duo's violet eyes were bright with pride and satisfaction. Heero's heart fluttered happily as he realized that he had made his Master pleased and proud. Putting his hand over Duo's hand on his cheek, Heero nuzzled the gentle hand. "They'll envy you because I belong to you?"

"Correct. They can only watch from afar while I can do anything I want to you," His Master spoke in hushed tone. Heero assumed that it was from straining not to jump straight at him. The hands on his cheeks slowly traveled down, caressing every inch of his neck and shoulders, then sneaked beneath his vest to capture his nipple rings. "Mine." Duo growled as he pulled on the rings.

Heero gasped and arched his back. The bells on his collar rang loudly.

"My Kitten,." Duo smiled and released the rings. He ushered his slave out to the living room. "We better go now before I lose control and use you right away."

Personally, Heero had hoped for his Master to lose control and pounce into him. That way, they would be late into the party and probably wouldn't make it there. Sadly, his Master seemed to keep his control in check quite well.

"Oh, wait here," Duo exclaimed suddenly and turned around, heading back into the bedroom. He was soon out again and this time had something white in his hands.

"I almost forgot this coat. Here put it on."

Heero took the white long coat and put it on. It was thick and long enough to cover him from neck to ankles. With this coat, no one would know about his nothing-left-to-imagination clothes inside. Heero didn't need to ask his Master to understand the reason. They wouldn't want to attract attention, especially traffic policemen, when heading toward the party.

His Master looked at him and smiled. "You look pure in it."

Heero snorted. "One thing I don't is looking pure, Master. My hands had killed many...."

A hand on his mouth stopped his sentence.

"Stop it," Duo spoke firmly as he let go of Heero's mouth and cupped his cheek. "Don't blame yourself too much. You did what you had to do back then. You're the one who brought us this peaceful era, Heero."

Duo had called him by his name this time. Heero felt warmth swirled inside him. He leaned into Duo's hand and nodded slightly. "I'll try, Master. I'll try."

Duo smiled and kissed his forehead gently. "Good Kitten. Now, let's go to the party."

Heero followed meekly behind Duo, watching his Master's back contentedly. For a few minutes, his worries about party were forgotten.



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