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Warning: yaoi, PWP, silliness, Heero torture.

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Note: Thanks to Stardancer for giving me idea and asking me to write of Heero-torture-fic *grins and snickers to Stormy*. I chose this title so if there's another time I get an idea to torture our beloved Hee-chan, I'll put it as next part of this fic. And since I'm sure I'll torture him again, I'll put this fic as part one. *cackles evilly*

Beloved Hee-Chan 1

One sunny and peaceful day... not....

"Heeeeeeeeroooooo!!! OMAE O KOROSU!!!" Trowa, Quatre, and Wufei, who were enjoying the morning serenity, jumped on their chairs in the kitchen when they heard a loud yelp from Heero and Duo's room.

"Itai!" Hurried steps approached the kitchen, followed by bellowing sounds of Shinigami. The door opened and Heero rushed in, covering his head while Duo followed behind him, thwapping him. Trowa, Quatre, and Wufei watched as the pair started a circle around the dining table with Duo thwapping and shouting all the way.



"running" THWAP


"I'm" THWAP "gonna" THWAP

"Itai. Itai"

"catch" THWAP "you" THWAP

"Itai. Itai"

"and" THWAP "torture" THWAP "you" THWAP

"Itai. Itai. Itai."

"until" THWAP "you" THWAP "start" THWAP "screaming" THWAP

Duo tackled Heero, sending them both rolling on the floor while their friends watched them with very wide eyes. It wasn't an every day ritual to see the Perfect Soldier being thwapped by an enraged Shinigami. And Heero seemed to fight half heartedly, as if he knew it was his mistake this time.

They had stopped rolling with Duo on top of Heero, who proceeded to tickle Heero mercilessly. Rich laughter emerged from the Japanese pilot's mouth as he tossed and turned to dodge Duo's attack. But this time, the braided pilot seemed to have enormous power, for Heero couldn't escape from him.


Duo kept tickling.

"Yamero. hahahhahaha..."

Duo still kept tickling.

"Gomen ahaha..."

Duo still kept tickling.


Shinigami still kept tickling.

"I'm sorry!"

"Not yet" Duo growled and stood up while Heero lay sprawling breathlessly on the floor.

Trowa, Quatre, and Wufei still looked at the pair, unblinking.

Duo dragged a chair near sprawled Heero and then hoisted the unresisting pilot up. He plopped down on the chair and flipped Heero over to lie on his stomach on his lap. Heero, who was still out of breath just succumbed to being positioned like that. Emerald, blue, and black eyes grew even larger as Duo pulled down Heero's spandex down to his ankles and proceeded to spank the delicate bottom of the Japanese pilot.

"This is" SMACK!


"what you'll get" SMACK! SMACK!


"for deleting" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!


"my Sims save game data!!" SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK!


Trowa, Quatre, and Wufei looked dumbfounded over at Duo, especially Quatre who was the one who bought The Sims game for Duo.

"Sorry? You'll not know how sorry you're until your butt is all red!" SMACK! SMACK!


"I searched for days to find Deathscythe and Wing skins for my Sims!"


"I just managed to buy that vibrating bed."


"I had worked so hard to gather the money to buy that bed!"


"And I'm going to get Deathscythe and Wing to fuck silly tonight in that bed!!"


"And you with your stupid *disk clean up* schedule decides to uninstall and erase all my game data in your laptop!!"


Duo delivered his final smack, which caused the loudest slap, and then leant against the chair to catch his breath while the red bottomed Japanese boy on his lap was whimpering his apology over and over. Trowa, Quatre, and Wufei were still petrified by the scene before them.

Then Duo stood up and slumped the still whimpering Japanese boy onto his shoulder. "Sorry to disturb you guys."

Emerald, blue, and black eyes watched dumbfoundedly as the braided boy carried his precious bundle back to their room, slapping the red bottom lightly. "Since I can't see them fuck tonight.... This delicate ass will get fucked for a good long time tonight."

They still could hear Duo's last words and knew Heero would not be able to sit down for a few days. Well, not that he could sit with those that red bottom, anyway. It was long after they heard the door to the pair's room slammed shut and the thumping sounds began that they broke the silence of their shock.



"Wow indeed."

"Should I tell Duo there is a cheat to gain money in a flash?"






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