Author: A-chan/Aphrodite

Pairings: 2+1/1x2/2x1

Warnings: Fluff; Shounen-ai; Relena-bashing (but that's hardly surprising, considering the fact that Duo did NOT like Relena), Duo's POV

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Author's Notes: Sarcastic-Duos! KAKAKAKAKA!!!!! *sweatdrops* (Tomo obsession anyone?)

P.S. I mean no disrespect to Disney! I just don't think Duo's the type to like fairy tales.

Title inspired by Clara's idea of taking stupid-sounding names and translating them into Japanese to make them sound better...did it work?

Yume (Dream)

I hate them, I really do. They seem so close, yet so far away, and no matter how you try to make them come true, they never do. Not to mention they're wonderful for a few hours, but when you wake up, you're brought so cruelly brought back to face the harsh reality.

Yes, yes, I know all about Cinderella and those other horrible Disney movies, and how if you just keep on dreaming, it'll come true. See, I was never into those type of stories, because...well, really. What a load of crap to throw at those poor, poor kids.

A good example of a fruitless dream is my partner, Heero Yuy, who just HAPPENS to be the guy I've been head-over-heels in love with for the longest time, and who just HAPPENS to be an emotionless bastard. Not a good combination, ne? How many times has he threatened to kill me? A couple? Several? To be honest, I lost count after the first forty-six times.

Though, I must admit, having him as my room-mate DOES have its own advantages. The chances to spend time with him without having to make up a stupid excuse, for one. And when I wake up from a nightmare with that too-beautiful face staring down at me and he goes to get a glass of water for me, telling me to go back to sleep, I can pretend that he does it because he truly cares, not just because he wanted me in my tip-top condition for the next mission like he says. Am I delusional? Desperate? Probably. But so is that Darlian girl--ugh! Ugh ugh ugh!!! I'm comparing myself to that...that...THAT?! Oh, there is no justice!

Still, I can't help but realize that we're very much alike. Only in our tastes of men, though. We're both seduced, enraptured, and captivated by those gorgeous, mirror-like blue eyes. Heero has this way of leaving us dazed and twitching. Relena on the ground, and I between my legs--anyway!

I've been dreaming of Heero for what? eight? nine? ten? months. And what does he do? He ignores me. Yep.

No, I was never expecting him to be all loving and warm to anything other than his laptop--as a matter of fact, I don't think I can handle it if he was, 'cause heaven knows we all get enough of that from Trowa and Quatre...sometimes we barely make it out alive after an extra dose of sugar thrown in our faces--but it still hurts when the one you love more than life itself doesn't care enough for you to cast more than a passing glance if you were bleeding to death outside of his long as you have the data he wants. Otherwise, he'll give you more than a glance, all right; a bullet in the head. Very romantic.

Then, I made up my mind. I was just going to about to give up on him, because I've done all I could to get his attention short of strip naked and throw myself at him (how can I be sure that I was making myself completely obvious? Simple. WUFEI noticed, and he wouldn't have recognized signs of love if it fell out of the sky and smacked him in the face). As hard and painful as I knew it would be, I had to do it.


If there was one person I hated lying to, it was myself. I said I'd forget about Heero, but I didn't. Now, I'm sure you know I never lie. But the one time I do, I find myself clad in one of those ugly hospital gowns, staring at the boring, white ceiling of Sally Po's clinic. My left leg and right arm were both in casts, and the rest of my body had enough bandages on that if I were to take off my gown, I'd easily pass as a blinking (hey, there wasn't much else I could do) mummy. But that wasn't the worst of it. The worst part was that I'd made an utter fool of myself.

What happened, you ask. Well, five boys were on a mission, four were in their Gundams kicking some OZ butts and the braided other was in the building, planting bombs (you know, same ol', same ol') when the love-sick one decided to take a second to think about the one he'd been drooling over, and he set the bomb wrong. Well anyway, as he was running like hell away from the building, it went off, and he got caught in the explosion. But his partner pulled his sorry unconscious ass out.

Shit! Now I understand why Heero always calls me "Baka" like it was my rightful name. Maybe it was.

I felt an unfamiliar sting hit my eyes, and I quickly squeezed them shut. I very firmly told myself not to cry. IwillnotcryIwillnotcryIwillnotcry...

I vaguely heard the door open and close, and felt Quatre's warm presence. It relaxed me, and I finally looked at him. Trowa and Wufei were with him, too. I briefly wondered where Heero was, then figured it out. He must be really pissed with me. Not only did I fail to get that data, but I failed the mission, failed him. The last was what hurt most.

Quatre smiled at me. "Hi Duo, do you feel all right?"

I tried to grin, to tell him that I felt well enough to tap-dance, but ended up wincing as my damaged bottom lip began to bleed again. Quatre was by my side almost instantly, all Big Blue Eyes and Mother Goose Worry. It took all my will not to hit him--hey, a little concern is fine, touching even, but Uchuu no Kokoro[1] boy just overdoes it[2]. I think only two things kept me back. One, I was in too much pain to do such a thing; and two, Trowa would not have liked me, and he was in much better condition than I.

"Ka'cha," I croaked, hating how raspy and hoarse and pathetic I sounded, "'m fi', weelly." It hurt to talk. And talking was one of my strongest weapons. Not fair!

For a moment, he looked confused, probably trying to decipher my new language. Then a smile of genuine relief spread over his face and lit up the entire clinic.

"I'm glad."

They left shortly after that. Wufei left me my portable CD player and some CDs, and I felt like hugging him, though all I could manage was a happy whine. He gave me that "You're so annoying!" look, but his expression softened and he actually smiled at me as he walked out the door.

To my utter shock, Heero came in my room half an hour later. He wore his usual "Stay out of my way or else" scowl and...I gasped...jeans!


"You failed the mission."

I couldn't stand to look at him and see the accusation in those beautiful eyes, so I averted my gaze. That's it. No "Hello, Duo", no "How do you feel?". Just "You failed the mission." Bastard!

Imagine my shock when he took my hand in his own. His skin was callused and rough, his grip was tight, but I don't recall ever feeling such an overwhelming sense of rightness.

"You failed the mission," he repeated, "But you also killed nearly all of the OZ soldiers at the base, as well as destroyed over sixty-five percent of their mobile suits and damaged the rest."

Heero knelt by my bed, and brushed a stray lock of hair behind my ear. I just stared at him at him. I couldn't help it. In a matter of seconds, my day from Hell was turned into the most wonderful day of my life.

"I...did?" Yeah, it sounded stupid, but can you blame me?

He nodded. "Yes." His voice was strangely gentle--more so than I've ever heard. I mentally pinched myself, and tried to think this through. I came up with only two solutions: I'd died in that explosion and gone to heaven; Or...I was dreaming. I just couldn't believe it.

Heero seemed to see the confusion that must have been on my face, because he continued. "The whole thing was a mistake. Those soldiers were waiting for us, but because that bomb went off early, most of them were still getting their mobile suits ready for the surprise ambush." He looked right into my eyes, and I nearly melted. "We would've all died if it hadn't been for you."

OK, so let me get this straight. My hugh-mongus big fuck-up just turned out to be the best thing I did for Heero and rest of my friends?

"And the data?" I prodded.

"It was never there."

I felt like smacking myself. Or maybe I wanted to pat myself on the back. Whichever the case, it was all forgotten when Heero did the one thing I thought he would never do.

He kissed me.

I'm not lying! And I knew I wasn't dreaming either, because if it was a dream, my lip wouldn't be screaming in pain. But...oh hell with the lip! I kissed Heero like I always wanted to kiss him. All the passion, frustrations, and hurt I'd had to endure in the past ten months all went into that one kiss.

I'd nearly fainted by the time he pulled away. The only thing that kept me conscious was his hand on my arm. My injured arm. I screamed.

Not a minute later, Sally burst in the room, and stopped short at the sight Heero and I must've made. However, there was no repulsion on her face, just shock. Then, an understanding smile came to her face, and she wagged a playful finger at us.

"Naughty boys!" she laughed. And proceeded to examine my arm.

After she was done, I cast an apologetic glance at Heero, and found him looking quite guilty.

"Sorry, Heero. I'll see to your idea later."


Two long, agonizing months later, I was walking with perfect ease in the door of Quatre's mansion, with Heero by my side.

After a quick late-night snack (which was nearly the whole refrigerator), I almost ran to the bathroom to take a nice, long bath. Yeah, I'd taken showers at Sally's place, but I was absolute dying for a soak.

I'd locked the door to the enormous bathroom and nearly reached Quatre's pool-sized bathtub when my braid was snatched in a powerful grip. I yelped and clutched at my scalp, turning to scream at whoever it was.

Heero. A very naked Heero.

My throat closed up.

He raised an eyebrow. "'I'll see to your idea later'," he quoted. "I hope you weren't lying."

I swallowed the mischievous grin that was beginning to work itself over my face and shook my head defiantly. "I don't lie."

His expression was suddenly wolf-ish, and I found myself being carried by strong arms to the tub.


You know how I said dreams don't come true? I might have to take that back. Because mine did.

Still...who wants to dream about their loved ones when they could have the real thing? And that was the last coherent thought of the night.


*A-chan starts babbling like an idiot* You like? You like? Huh? Huh?! TEEELLLLL MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Even if you hated it, I want to KNOOOOOWWWW!!!!!

I just couldn't make Duo into a failure. I just COULDN'T.

I'd actually meant it as an angst fic (thus the dark undertones at the beginning), but I couldn't keep on it. And the original title was "Negaigoto".

[1] Uchuu no Kokoro--can be translated as "Heart of the Universe", or as the dub has it, "Space Heart".

[2] WAIT WAIT!! *ducks sharp objects* Let me explain myself! No, I would never dream of hitting Quatre (I like him way too much). But remember, I'm writing as Duo here, not A-chan, and he doesn't strike me as the type that would appreciate over-concern.


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