Author: A-chan

Warnings: A little bit of shounen-ai implications. A bit of Relena-bashing too!

Disclaimer: Not mine, never have been, never will.

You're Hanging Around With Duo Too Much When...

1. You have a habit of running down the street waving around a toy scythe and screaming "Shinigami is back from hell!!" at the top of your lungs...

2. And your friends are starting to believe you.

3. You suddenly find yourself attracted to silent, glaring guys with mussed brown hair and suicidal tendencies.

4. Your boy/girlfriend tell you they love you by punching you in the stomach.

5. You're determined to grow out your hair so you can put it up in a braid like Duo's. (Hey, mine used to be in a braid as long as his)

6. You're starting to dislike snobby, rich, annoying, persistent, waily, whiny, pinky, pudgy-nosed, spoiled, oblivious, delusional, stupid, bossy, tasteless, ugly, split-end-haired, pacifist, stalky, dim, clueless, dense, obsessive blond menaces who think people should stop fighting because "SHE SAYS SO" as much as they dislike you.

7. You find it sexy when your boy/girlfriend whips out a gun and whispers "Omae o korosu, baka."

8. You're actually starting to understand what "Hn." means...

9. well that you're thinking to create a "Dictionary of Grunts".

10. You preach to all your friends why you think Duo is the best.

11. That done, you move onto your pets (your parents already got your lectures...every night to be precise).

12. Mission go as far as to rant at your goldfish on why Duo is so cool. "...yes Goldy, he can slice fifty mobile dolls easily. Isn't that just to KEWL?!?!?"

13. You know Duo scenes so well that you can perform them line by line for your friends.

14. You somehow managed to sweet-talk your boyfriend into wearing their hair like Heero's and scowl for Halloween.

15. This was a little harder to do, but you somehow managed to get your boyfriend to go to the party in Spandex and a green tanktop that's been through Hell and back.

16. Lockpicks keep falling out of your hair...probably because you don't have a trusty braid to secure it in.

17. You're extremely fond of Heero because he's in so many fics with Duo-kun (*sweatdrop* Understatement of the century right there!) and because he shares the screen with Duo half the time. And there are just SOOOOOOOOOOOO many Duo pics where Heero 'snuck in'.

18. You no longer think braids on a guy is strange.

19. Come to think of it, you don't even get scared when you see an odd, old guy in a white lab coat with gigantic mushroom-shaped grey hair and a long scar on his cheek. Not to mention a loooooong nose. (Oi, remember that scene near the beginning where they showed the guy's nose from below him? He's got BIG nostrils! No wonder he didn't die when the five scientists were locked in that oxygen-lacking room. With a nose like that, he's not gonna have much trouble breathing.)

20. You find nagging dark, silent guys fun...well, until he whirls around and yanks your hair, growling "Omae o korosu." And proceeds to wave a gun in your face. But you're relaxed, because you know him enough that it's now obvious he's not gonna do anything.

21. You've made a hobby of collecting broken-down machines.

22. You ENJOY going junk-yarding.

23. Priest collars on terrorists are no longer strange to you.

24. Your parents don't feel good about taking you to hospitals because the first thing you do in there is break in the pharmacy and try to steal any antidote for any disease, claiming that you 'must save Solo and the others'.

25. You're determined to beat Zechs in 'Heero Worship'.

26. When playing 'Prisoners', you constantly being captured...

27. ...and constantly getting out easily.

28. You have a date tonight, and when he/she arrives at your door, he/she asks you where you want to go, you start and say "What? You mean you didn't go grocery shopping for me?"

29. You suddenly get along with almost everyone, even pink-shirt-wearing millionaire heirs, spiky-banged clowns who REALLY need some Gingko Baloba Memory Restorers™, justice-ranting Chinese boys whose ponytail makes you wince every time you look at it because it's so tight, and glowering, grumpy, grouchy, Gundanium-skinned, gun-waving Gundam pilots.

30. You're no longer worried when Heero falls out of his Gundam and lands on his head because you know he'll always way or another...

31. As a matter of fact, you're not even worried when he self-destructs, 'cuz you know he'll never succeed. C'mon, face the truth, the guy doesn't know HOW to die...even though it seems like he keeps trying.

32. You install a self-destruct system in your car just incase you get stuck in traffic.

33. ...and that self-destruction system NEVER works. ^_^; Poor Duo...



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