Author: A-chan

Pairings: 1x2, implied H+2

Warnings: Romance, POV, after the war, Lime-ish (rated PG-13); possessive Heero; while Hilde's not being bashed or bitchafied, she's sort of the antagonist here.

Rating: PG-13

Archives: My site, and anywhere else; just ask first, please.

Summary: Heero draws a clear line between himself and a 'rival'.

Notes: There's a FAKE fic similar to this. It's purely coincidental, I assure you. I had the penciled version of this fic started sometime in '02, looooooong before I even knew of the existence of FAKE.


I had him, Hilde.

No, no, you don't understand.

I *had* him.

He came to me, Hilde. I looked out of my window and saw him standing there in the rain, drenched to the bone. His clothes clung to him like a second skin, flush against his form in ways that wouldn't be decent for me to describe. His eyes pleaded to me, as his lips did later, then his body.

I laid him down on my bed, Hilde; his skin so pale he seemed to glow in stark contrast with my black a young god placed on Earth by some blessed mistake. His hair flowed over both of us like waves, and I would have drowned in it happily.

His skin was so soft and smooth, but scarred with sin only the five of us would know. I had never seen anything so exquisite. I wanted to memorize every detail of that perfect body, wanted to feel every inch of him under my hands. I kissed him all over, Hilde. I kissed him in ways I know you've fantasized about doing.

He whispered my name in the dark, over and over again like a sutra, as if there was something ethereal in it only he could hear. His voice was husky as he chanted my name, and for the first time since it was bestowed upon me, there was beauty in it.

I'll never forget how he looked when he came for me, not in this lifetime. His mouth was slack, his head thrown back, and he sighed. It was deep, and seemed to have come from the very core of his being.

It was also the most erotic sound I'd ever heard.

When we were both sated and lying together in a tangled heap, you know what he said to me?

I love you.

That's what he said, Hilde. Not to you, but to me.

And it's not just love, either. It's mutual trust and need. If there's one good thing that came out of those God-forsaken wars, it's the bond we developed, the way we can bet our lives on the other without any trace of hesitation, the way we always gravitate back to each other no matter how far apart we drift. Love doesn't even begin to describe the ties we share, my Duo and I.

On second thought, make that, I *have* him, Hilde.


*wide-eyed blink* Please don't kill me...?

Just in case you were thrown off, the first two 'I had him's were in the sense that Heero had Duo sexually. The last, 'I have him' is a twist of that, meaning he will continue to have Duo, not just sexually, but relationship-wise too.


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