Passion Play Interlude/Bridge/Semi-Teaser~

Someone was near him. Duo jerked awake, nearly scaring Lauren into dropping the food tray.

"What? What is it?" he asked suspiciously.

"I--I'm sorry," she stuttered uncertainly. "I just thought that perhaps you would be hungry."

The growl in the boy's stomach relieved her a bit and she set down the tray table across his lap.

"Thanks," Duo said, picking up the spoon and dunking it into his soup. He studied the woman before him intently. At first he thought that she was a servant, but the extravagant dress she wore crossed out that idea. "I beg your pardon, but who are you?"

Lauren smiled and sat down in the chair beside his bed. "I'm Joseph's wife, Lauren." She liked this boy. She had no idea why, but she liked him--something in the way he carried himself told her he was one to be trusted.

Duo's eyes widened and he just stared at her. Slowly, a sinking feeling made his gut heavier. "Oh, I didn't know he got married," he said conversationally with a forced smile. Shit, this woman must hate him. But she certainly didn't seem like she did...

Lauren shrugged. "Yes, you must be surprised. Why would someone as brave and strong as him ever want a weak creature like myself?"

The American shook his head furiously. "No, that's not what I meant!"

The woman shook her head. "No, it's alright."


Chang Wufei clacked away at his computer, mind fully occupied. He frowned. There's been an increasing number of domestic crimes lately. Actually, that wasn't exactly correct. There's been an increasing number of crimes committed by the same person, who'd killed six Sweepers and four Preventers in the past six months. It was getting disturbing.

The phone rang.

Sighing, he picked it up absently and mumbled, "Yeah, can I help you?"


His onyx eyes widened and he gripped the receiver with both hands. "Yuy??" Why in the world was Heero calling him? It must be something awfully urgent, he decided.

"Duo's been kidnapped."

That had Wufei confused. Duo may act like fool, but he wasn't one to be abducted easily. "A little information here?"

"Not over the phone. Just get here as soon as you can." Heero recited his current location mechanically.

Click, and the line went dead.

The faintest of a smile crossed over Wufei's handsome features. "You haven't changed, Heero," he murmured to himself before setting down the receiver and dialing front desk.

"Chang. I'll take some of that vacation time I have piled up starting first thing tomorrow morning."


*sighs* Pathetic, I know.


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