Passion Play Part 2

Lauren Cromwell McKinley sighed as she served tea to her husband and master. Joseph merely grunted, eyes still fixated on the TV, where two young men were lost in their own passion. She didn't dare stay long, but still managed to catch watch a little. What she saw shocked her completely.

Pure ectasy. Complete trust--how the braided one willingly submitted himself to the other was almost heart-breaking; Ultimate pleasure...

Lauren bit her lip. She wished she had that kind of wild, fiery love... She cast a flickering glance to her master. He glared so hard at the happenings on the video, then suddenly, a wolf-ish grin worked its way over his face.


The door bell rang persistantly. Duo scowled, up to his chin in paperwork.

"Geez, Heero! You have the key!"

No reply. After a while, the bell rang again.

"I'm coming, I'm coming," he mumbled, taking up a pile of paper to throw at his lover the minute he walked in the door. He flung open the wooden panel and was confronted with a pair of icy eyes he was sure he'd never see again.

A single name fell from his lips.


The paper all tumbled down as he leapt for the man.


Heero felt a tinge of jealousy as Duo clung to the stranger like his only hope. The jealousy turned to anger and betrayal when the American pulled the man in their suite. He tried to control his breathing as he approached the closed door.

Leaning against the frame, Heero listened carefully to their conversation. He couldn't hear much, since they were both just whispering. But then all was quiet, the silence followed by a rather loud "No!". Firming his jaw, he walked in the suite.


Joseph buried his face in the fragrant chestnut locks of the young man who was soon to be his.

"I missed you," he heard Duo breathe. This wasn't going to be as hard as he'd originally thought.

"I missed you, too, Duo."

As for the ex-Gundam pilot, he was enjoying the warmth of his former lover's embrace. But when he felt Joey push him against the wall and the older man's mouth on his neck, reality came crashing down on him hard and he jerked away.

"No!" he told Joseph.

The violet eyes were slightly dilated as Duo stared straight at him.

"But Duo, baby..."

"Don't call me that."

Joseph took a step closer. "I love you, Duo. I know you still love me. I've come back for you, don't you see? I'm well-off now and we can be together again."

"What if I don't *want* to be with you?" challenged Duo. "You gave me up years ago; I have a new life, and I've found my soul-mate. And I would've invited you to stay longer, but I think you should go now."

The man's face hardened. He opened his mouth to say something, but a powerful hand clamped down on his shoulder.

"Excuse me," said a quiet, slightly nasal voice. Heero moved until he stood in front of Duo, protective and possessive. "I don't know you, but I believe Duo just said for you to leave."

Joseph's brows furrowed, and he glared hard at Duo, who was holding Heero's hand behind the taller Preventer. "Is this how you repay me for all I've done for you? Run to him??!!" He smiled humorlessly. "Alright. If that's the way you want it." He stalked out of the door, scattering documents everywhere.

Duo collapsed against Heero, his normally durable legs turned to jelly. "Oh my god," he said simply. He seemed almost regretful that the man had left...

Silently, Heero picked him up and kicked open the bedroom door, depositing him on their bed. He left without a word. Duo watched his retreating back and squeezed his eyes shut when he felt a strange sting in them.

He knew Heero was angry--furious, but whether at him or at Joey, he wasn't sure.

//Heero, please forgive me.//


Duo woke to someone brushing his bangs out of his face, and looked up to see the beautiful face of his soul-mate. Heero propped him up against a pillow and laid a tray across his lap. The smell of a bowl of soup woke his stomach, as well, and made it known.

He blushed, giving Heero a sheepish look. He released the breath he didn't even know he was holding when his lover gave a tiny smile of amusement. Duo's heart leapt joyfully at the expression. Damn, he caught himself a hot husband!

"I see you're feeling better now," Heero commented softly. He sat next to Duo on the king-sized bed, taking a spoonful of the soup and pressing it to his koibito's lips. He watched Duo finish off his food and took the tray away.

Heero laid down and pulled the American on top of him, raising the chestnut-topped head so those trusting eyes were fixed on him.

"I'm sorry for the way I acted earlier. I was...I was..."

Duo put one slender finger on his lips, sighing as he did so. Heero was much better with emotions and words than he was at the end of the war. But the horrifying childhood training still lingered. "Shh, I know."

Heero bit the digit held at his mouth. "Who is he?" he asked the obvious question.

Something flashed across his koi's heart-shaped face, but Duo still explained.

Duo's story~

After the massacre, whoring was all I could do to survive. It was hard, and the customers were real perverts. At night I returned to the warehouse sore but with enough money to keep me fed for the next few days.

Then one day came a Joseph McKinley. He hired me, and it was the first time I actually *enjoyed* what I did. He kept me at his place for several days, and when I was ready to leave, he grabbed and kissed me. He said he'd fallen in love with me, and wanted to me to live with him.

Of course, being as I was, I accepted, saying I'd fallen for him, too. I noticed that at times he would disappear for days, then come home barely alive but still wanted a piece of my ass. But whenever I asked where he went, he would just answer "work, where else?"

After spending three years with him, he left and didn't come back. Everyday I waited for him, but he never returned and I went back to the streets, thinking he was dead. But when I was with Dr. G, I saw on the news of a wanted murderer and thief and, well, I realized just who and what he was.

~End Duo's Story

Duo nuzzled Heero's throat, delicate tongue flicking out to lick the salty skin there. "But I don't regret him leaving me." His voice was laced with sincerity. "Because if he didn't, I never would've met you." He stroked Heero's cheekbone, violet eyes shining with unspoken love.

One thought filled the ex-Wing pilot's mind.

//You're too late. He's mine; you gave him up.//

The silky braid he gripped tightly.


Duo kicked off his shoes and kneaded his left shoulder. "Saa, I'm beat!"

Heero snorted and slapped away the long-fingered hand, replacing it with his own. "We're going back the day after tomorrow."

Duo closed his eyes, muscles going lax and nearly falling on his lover. "Thank heavens," he murmurred, "I'm ready to die."

Heero suddenly tensed. He hadn't told Duo about the spy camera...but he had a feeling it had something to do with McKinley.

"Something is bothering you." It wasn't a question.

The Japanese shrugged, hands dropping to his sides.

Duo wasn't quite ready to give up. "Is it Joseph?"

"Duo... It's nothing." He suddenly found himself pinned against the wall.

"Right," snorted the American. His fierce expression softened and he released the other. "Whatever it is, just remember that I love you, OK?"

Heero nodded, eyes slightly glazed over.


Joseph paced back and forth, cursing once in a while. "Is that it, Duo? Not a chance in hell." He stopped, looking at the framed picture hanging on the wall. It was another one of himself and Duo, this time kissing.

For a moment, he saw Heero there instead of Joseph McKinley. Panicked anger stirred in his gut, and he slapped the photo off its nail in the wall. He began laughing--humorless, insane... He prepared to stalk out of the room-- one got away with making a fool out of him...NO ONE. He removed the picture from the shattered glass, this time giving the image it was supposed to.

//You are MINE.//



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