Itooshi Hito No Tameni Interlude

Such an interesting boy, that Maxwell prince. He seemed in full belief that Heero was really going to rape him that day, which more than told the emperor that he had not heard of the way Heero treated his concubines. Heaven knew he was good to them. Never had he hurt, abused, or harmed them in any way. Especially not one so gorgeous as Duo.

And such a strange boy too. Of all the people whom Heero had laid his eyes on, he was the only one that didn't want to be taken by the young emperor. And Heero's beauty was known just as widely as his power.

But of course, the resistance only made him more appealing to Heero. It was no longer satisfying to have the women come crawling to him, begging for attention. Duo provided something new and different; he offered a challenge.

Win Duo Maxwell's heart.

Ninmu ryoukai.


P.S. I know it was short, but it was meant to be because it didn't belong in chapter three, and it seemed too abrupt in chapter four, thus becoming chapter 3.5. So DON'T KILL ME!!!! *shields self with chibi-Heero-n-Duo dolls*


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