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A Parisian Dream Part 3
III.: Suspicion~

I stared, and stared some more. What the...?!?!? I felt my eyes widen and I grabbed for Heero. After the third try, I was able to connect with his shirt and basically clung to him.

"W-what is that?" I stammered, looking at him helplessly.

He flicked me a glance and searched the model with his eyes. "What is what?"

I blinked. Surely he couldn't have missed it... But when I turned back to the model, I couldn't find that sign. My hands left Heero's clothes to press against the glass of the exhibition. I hadn't imagined it, I hadn't. But...

"There was a sign, a sign that had my name on it!" I cried, not knowing whether to panic or be relieved.

He raised an eyebrow, effectively making me feel like an idiot. I dropped my hands, face warm.

"Nevermind," I shrugged. "Guess the heat is getting to me."

I proceeded to drag Heero all through the museum with his eyes glaring holes into the back of my head. Still, I couldn't drop the thought of my name, Duo Maxwell, being on a model of the Moulin Rouge in the 1890's.

This trip was getting weirder and weirder.


And more suspicious too, as his car just HAPPENED to run out of gas just in front of my hotel, thus my having to invite him to my room to call a friend. Similarly, he just HAPPENED to lose that friend's phone number, thus having to call another friend who's on the other side of Paris.

"Why couldn't you have called Quatre or Trowa or Wufei?" I demanded, careful to keep him near the door and AWAY from the bed should he be thinking exactly what I DIDN'T want him to think.

He smirked. "Too late now."

I think I actually bristled as I asked very carefully: "When is your ride going to get here?"

He gave me a look that clearly said "right now", but I pretended to not understand. "About two hours perhaps," he said, making himself comfortable on the love seat.

"Two hours!" I wailed. I would never last that long--he'd either jump me or I'd loose control and jump him before that.

He pulled me down to sit beside him, staring intently into my eyes. "What exactly did you see in that model?"

I sighed, leaning back and turning my gaze to the ceiling as those blue pools were much too intense for me. "A sign by the front door that said 'Duo Maxwell, star of the Moulin Rouge'." I shook myself, smiling. "Must've imagined it." But I hadn't.

Heero glared at me yet again, his lips a taunt line. "Anything else?"

I forced myself to think. Yes, there was something else. There had been a roster of the performers that had seemed to magnify right before my very eyes. The names Trowa Barton and Quatre Winner had been on it. "Not really...just another imagination I guess." Well, it wasn't REALLY a lie, since it COULD have been imagined.

If possible, the look Heero gave me turned even darker. For the first time, I wondered if he was somehow involved in what was going on. Naw, he couldn't be. Just because he basically abducted me and took me to see the damned exhibition didn't mean anything...did it? No, of course not!

"Duo." He had a way of saying my name like it was a command or something.

"Yes?" I peeked at him through my bangs.

"Tell me the truth."

I blinked. "But I--"

"The FULL truth," he corrected.

I'm pretty sure I squeaked when he suddenly grabbed me and I found my face mere centimeters from his. I really wish he wouldn't shock me like that, a guy could loose years of his life if someone kept doing it.

"You saw something." It wasn't a question.


"But I thought you never lied."

That did it. I hopped off the loveseat, my whole body virbrating like a violin string tuned too high. How the hell did he know that?!

It was then that I realized how purely stupid and careless I'd been when I invited someone who was practically a stranger into my hotel room. The walls were soundproof and the nearest occupied room was on the other side of the building. I wish I had a gun. Heero might be an escaped convict for all I know.

He leapt after me, and I forced myself to keep composed. I really felt like screaming right then, and if I started, I knew I wouldn't be able to stop.

"S-stay back," I tried. I'm pretty sure I was trembling. Come on Maxwell, I told myself, remember when you were five and claimed there was a monster in your closet? And it turned out to be nothing?

But this was different. A made-up two-headed dragon and a possible muderer were two entirely different things.

Heero's mouth hardened but he gave me my personal space. "I have no intention of harming you," he said.

I knew better than to believe him, I really did, but my body wouldn't cooperate. I relaxed and straightened myself from the defensive crouch I'd crab-crawled into. "But how did you know I never lied?" OK, so maybe I was being paronoid, but ten years with the Sweepers did not teach me nothing.

He didn't answer, which didn't help my wariness of him at all.

"That's not very comforting," I told him in quite matter-of-fact tone.

He regarded me for half an eternity then he smirked. And disappeared. Heebie-jeebies danced merrily down my spine with the cringies as their band. Can you blame me? Afterall, it wasn't everyday that somebody just goes 'poof' out of existance.

Why do I have a feeling his car's running out of gas and his loosing his friend's phone-number was all planned?

I squawked when a pair of arms suddenly appeared out of nowhere to encircle my chest and waist. One hand toyed with my braid while the other carressed my face.

"God you haven't changed," I heard Heero's baritone moan into my neck. OK, this guy, however gorgeous, was really starting to freak me out. Then I realized with no small amount of shock that he was pushing me toward the bed.

I don't think so pal, I'm not like that.

"Stop it." I pulled away. "I barely know you."

Something flashed in his eyes, as if something horrible had happened. An old pain that had been unearthed. Well, I guess I wouldn't be happy either if my lay just said 'no'. It wasn't until much later that I finally figured out what it was.

He kept silent as always, so I continued. "Just who are you anyway? How do you just disappear like that? It may be cool to you but it's just a bit strenuous on my nerves. Delicate things you know?" I was babbling, and I knew it, but damn it talking was my strongest defense.

"You know me," he said simply. A pause, then: "You know me well."

I snorted. "Uh-huh, I know you from...ooh let me think, yesterday!"

He clutched my arms again. I really, REALLY wish he'd quit that. His eyes were searching for something, almost deperate.

"Do you honestly not remember?" God he sounded like a child right then. A child who had lost his favorite toy truck and was asking everyone where it was.

I gulped. "Remember what?"

Apparently that wasn't the answer he wanted, because he gave a heart-breakingly sad smile and released me hesitantly.

"Nothing, it's nothing. Just...nevermind."

He kissed me, and while I was still standing there dazed, he grabbed his jacket. I blinked out of my trance and called after him.

"Wait! Where're you going?"

"Home, where else?"

"But your car..."

He opened the door. "I have spare gas in the trunk."

I was right. It was all planned. "Heero..."

He turned to me then, hopeful once again. I bit my lip.


He dropped his gaze and walked out of door, letting it click closed behind him. I collapsed onto the bed and wished I could just disappear like Heero had. My dream, Heero, the rest of the Mouling Rouge cast...when I got on the airplane in the USA, I hadn't expected any of this. I cursed and puched the pillow before slamming my body down onto the sheets. Shit! Fuck! Damn it! K'so! I'd promised myself as soon as I got off the streets that I'd never EVER get myself into any more trouble again.

I'm going to complain to my travel agent.


When I woke up, Quatre's baby-blue eyes were staring down at me with such worry that it rivaled a Mother Hen's. I wondered briefly how he got into my room, then saw one of the hotel clerks standing beside him. I blinked. Just what was going on?

Quatre's fingers were cool against my forehead as he spoke. "Are you alright?"

I nodded, not sure if it was the truth or not.

"Heero called and said for me to check up on you though he wouldn't tell me why. And when you didn't answer the door, I panicked and got the clerk," he explaned somewhat sheepishly.

The clerk smiled warmly at me. "How are you feeling?" Her accent was deep but still understandable.

I grinned a bit. "I've felt better," I told her.

She and Quatre exchanged a few words and she left with a polite bow. For the first time I noticed that Trowa wasn't with us. So he and Quatre WEREN'T joined at the hip afterall.

As if on a que, Trowa came out with a wet towel in his hands. Nevermind, scratch that.

"Hey Trowa!" I greeted cheerfully.

He nodded and laid the towel on my forehead, then went to stand behind Quatre. Man, this guy's conversation skill is even worse than Heero's. At least Heero talks.

Quatre sat next to me and looked at me intently. "What did Heero do?"

I felt my face start to heat up. Surely he didn't think... The way he looked at me told me he did. "Nothing." The answer sounded hollow even to my own ears. Heero may not have done THAT, but scaring me out of my wits sure as hell wasn't 'nothing'.

"What did he do?" Quatre asked again, voice a little firmer.

I sighed. There was no way they were going to believe me. So why the hell did I splill out the entire story?

They didn't stare at me like I'd grown a second head. They didn't scream and run out the door. They didn't call a pyschiatrist. Trowa just remained still while Quatre nodded.

"I see," he said quietly.

I narrowed my eyes. "What do you see? I sure don't see it." Oh Lord, don't tell me they were in it too! Whatever 'it' was.

"Heero seems to want to do it sooner than planned," Trowa said quietly.

Quatre closed his eyes and nodded. "It seems like it."

I fidgetted as it was not enjoyable for me to have people talking about me in front of me like I wasn't there. I did not like to be ignored.

Quatre smiled that angelic smile of his and stood up, heading for the door with Trowa on his heels. Oh no, they weren't going to get away THAT easily!

"Quatre." Hmm, seems like Heero's rubbing off on me.

He stopped somewhat uncertainly. "Yes?"

"What's going on?"

He bit his lip. "I can't tell you."

I hardened my mouth. "Then give me Heero's phone number." He'd tell me.


I looked straight forward with a stern expression. No one left me in the dark. No one. "Look Heero," I growled, "this may seem funny to you but it sure as hell isn't for me. You either tell me just WHAT THE HELL is going on with you, Trowa, Quatre, and whole fucking Moulin Rouge RIGHT NOW or I'll--I'll..." I'll what? I can't disappear into thin air, and the police won't believe me.

I made a face at my reflection before propping myself onto the bathroom counter. I felt a momentary bout of panic. Heero'll be here any minute now and I'm still not prepared. I sighed and hopped off to stand on my own two feet. I firmed my expression and opened my mouth to lecture again when I saw the mirror...

It did not reveal an idiot yelling at himself, but an idiot on satin sheets, limbs tangled intimately with that of another party, writhing in pure ecstasy and passion as the stranger panted into his loose chestnut hair. I gasped and came back to reality, soaked in sweat and shaking violently.

My legs gave out, but just as I thought I would fall, a pair of strong arms appeared out of nowhere and caught me.


^^; It's been a while hasn't it? And yes, I purposely repeated the description of Heero's arms at the end.


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