Bleeding Hearts Part 5
V.: Revisiting the Past~

Duo eyed the figure before him critically. Then he made a face.

"No." He shook his head.


He could feel the waves of irritation emanating from said figure.

"It's original Armani."

"But no."

Heero sighed, impatience scrawled clearly across his sharp features. The tuxedo was gone with a blink of the eye, leaving Heero once again in a stoic expression and absolutely nothing else.

Duo flushed, and wondered why, since there was nothing of Heero's that he hadn't seen on himself.

The slight shift in facial color did not go unnoticed.

A small smirk found its way across Yuy's face, but he refrained from acting on it. Instead, he willed his energy and was instantly clad in traditional seventeenth century European attire, panache, tights, and all.

Duo rolled his eyes and slapped his forehead.

"No, no, and no. There is no way I am going to be seen in public with a Louis the XIV-wannabe. It's just a shopping trip, Heero, not a masquerade."

He was naked again, and Duo broke out in cold sweat.

"I'd lend you my clothes," he began, "but for obvious reasons." He made a sloppy gesture at the seven feet of vampire standing in his birthday suit before him.

Heero's eyebrow rose. "You could've said something about it earlier."


Heero mumbled something under his breath that sounded like "Idiot", and the next instant was at Duo's eye level.


Duo rehinged his jaw and a minute later nodded, very slowly. Then he blinked himself back to reality and began rummaging through his dresser drawers.

"Here." He tossed a pair of faded jeans and t-shirt in Heero's general direction.

Heero was staring at the clothing in his hand like it was a cobra ready to strike at any given moment.

"It won't eat you," said Duo comfortingly.

Yuy shrugged his shoulders, but said nothing and put on the offered clothes. 'DULL' was practically written in ink across his face.

Duo rolled his eyes. "You're going to be here for a while, Yuy. Better get used to modern day fashion."


"Yeah, whatever."


Hilde watched as her brother led the inhuman creature out of house and onto the sidewalk. Her fists were clenched at her sides, furious emotion whipping through her very being like a hurricane.

"God damn you," she ground out.

Tears stung the backs of her eyes and she struggled to contain them.

"God damn you, you monster."

She picked up the phone and dialed quickly.

"Listen to me, Relena."


Duo tightened his grip on Yuy's waist, cheek pressed firmly against his back.

"Jesus, Heero!" he wheezed. "Let go of the man."

Heero had no intention of doing such a thing. He was nose to nose with a sales clerk, stormy blue eyes promising death and torture to a degree most normal human beings would never imagine possible. His right hand was clenched around the man's uniform collar, knuckles going white with the strain. Duo could see steam puffing out from his ears.

The poor employee whimpered helplessly in his grasp, unable even to bring himself to thrash through the haze of pure terror.

Duo pulled harder, and then cursed his companion's strength. "Heero, stop it! You'll have the cops on your back in a minute."

"You think they can do anything to me?"

"No, but they sure can do a hell of a lot to me!"

Something flashed across Heero's face, perhaps realization, and he slowly released the limp clerk. He sagged to the floor, face ashen and eyes wide, unseeing.

Duo cast Heero a look of distaste before he knelt before the man. "I'm sorry, Sir, my...friend here has just enrolled in an anger management class. He should be able to control that temper of his in no time!" he said cheerfully.

The man blinked, dazed.

Duo sweatdropped. "Here," he said as he grabbed a random garment off the counter, not even looking. "We'll take this. I know it won't make up for what he did, but I hope it helps a little." He shoved some money into the guy's lax hand and pulled Heero out of the empty shop by a belt loop on his jeans.

The American finally stopped when they were a good two blocks away. Heero was staring at Duo's free hand.

"What is that?" he asked, sounding truly interested for the first time since he popped out of his grave.

Duo looked down at the piece of cloth he'd taken from the shop. It took him a minute to recognize what he held. He flushed a full on pink when he did realize.

Heero was looking at him impatiently, one defined eyebrow arched in question.

"It's nothing," Duo tried lamely.

Heero's other eyebrow joined the first and he snatched the garment from Duo. He held it up for examination, drawing odd looks from passer-by. It was a dark rose in color, triangle in the front and a single string in the back. It looked awfully uncomfortable.

"You wear this?" Heero sounded like he really wanted to know.

Duo's face matched the color of the thong in Heero's hands. "NO!" he exploded. He stuffed the underwear in his pocket and began yanking Heero forward by his wrist.

Unknown to Duo, Heero smirked.


Three days left...

Heero crossed his arms and gazed out of the window. The moon was bright, and it occurred to Heero that he would miss seeing it when he was back in his dark prison.

He should've known his plan would never work. This boy was obviously not the man Heero had known from the past. If he was, then the time spent with Heero would have at least revived some memory of his past existence.

His own words flitted across his mind.

I need a direct descendent of Howard Maxwell to fall in love with me.

It had been all a waste of energy and hope, and he'd even gone as far as to lie to the boy.


Heero's dark head snapped up and his eyes immediately locked onto the body on the bed. Duo was dreaming, mumbling incoherently to himself as his eyebrows furled and relaxed.

Heero watched silently. Not for the first time, he found himself drawn to the boy's sleeping face, lit by moonlight. Duo looked quite innocent and very young, so unlike-- Again, Heero thought of the other visage which had haunted him for three hundred and twelve years, and felt something within him constrict.

Somewhere in the back of his mind, Heero heard a voice, one he knew almost better than his own. There was an ecstatic cry of Heero's name, nearly drowned out by heavy panting. He could feel silken skin under his fingertips, and soft lips under his, warm and pliant as he forced between them and plundered that hot mouth eagerly, knowing he would never have enough. He could never have enough of this, the pure release and ecstasy he felt when intertwined so intimately with this man.

Wide violet eyes regarded him with surprise, curiosity, and a little fear.

"Heero?" Duo forced out around Heero's demanding kiss.


Duo's jaw clamped shut and breath caught in his throat as a warm mouth trailed over his neck, leaving a wet line from behind his ear to the junction of his shoulder and neck. Strong teeth nipped at his skin soft enough to be painless but sharp enough to tingle.

Duo's eyes slid closed when he felt hands leaving his waist to snake beneath his night shirt, stroking his flat stomach and abdomen. A small groan escaped his lips and he subconsciously tilted his head back. A part of him panicked, but the rest of him felt so...right, and it was almost as if it had happened before. But certainly that couldn't be.

When fangs scraped gently over his collarbone, however, reality came crashing over his dumb brain and he gasped. Duo forced his breathing to slow and grasped both of Heero's wrists.


The light of passion disappeared from Heero's eyes, once again replaced by the indifferent coldness Duo had come to associate with him.

Heero lifted himself off of the prone body beneath him and stood by the bed instead facing away from the frazzled boy. "My apologies," he said, but his voice lacked the condescending tone of his norm.

He opened Duo's bedroom window, never once looking at the occupant of the bed. The breeze that blew in was cold, and Duo clutched his blanket closer to himself.

Heero hopped up onto the windowsill. "It won't happen again," he assured, and leapt down.

Duo stared blankly at the spot where Heero had last been, unable to bring his mind to function properly. Something in him had snapped at the finality in Heero's voice.

"You never expected me to love you, did you?" he whispered to himself.

He laid back down, not even bothering to close the window.


I had some qualms about this chapter, because I still don't know exactly where I want this story to go. I'll figure it out, though, don't you worry! ^^;


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