Author: A-chan

Pairing: 1x2

Warnings: Lemon (*MLers get scared* A-chan's doing a lemon! Run!), angst

Categories: They-were-together-but-broke-up-and-now-they're-gonna-get-together-again ^^;, after-EW (I do a lot of those), kinda-sorta Chance Meeting-ish

Disclaimer: The Gboys are not mine.

Summery: Heero made the biggest mistake he's ever made when he let Duo walk out of his life after Endless Waltz. But a second chance is offered at Quatre's picnic six years later, and Duo gives Heero a second chance to make up for the wrongs he's done. "I'm not the idiot you love calling me, Yuy. I pretty much figured out why you were here when you sat next to me this afternoon."

Back To You


A portrait sailed mere centimeters over Heero's head and smashed off the far wall, the glass shattering into a thousand shards.

"FUCK YOU!" an enraged voice roared from within the room.

Heero sat on the bed, calm as ever despite the hysterics of his lover. "You'll have to sweep that up later."

That bit was just too much for Duo, who yanked a suitcase out of the closet and began throwing clothes in it.

Heero watched him passively. So what if the temperamental idiot was leaving? He didn't care. Their relationship that become meaningless anyway and Duo got so angry over such little things--so what if he'd spent the night working and missed their first anniversary?

However, the American's next words chilled his blood.

"I gave up my world for you, Heero Yuy. I offered my heart to you on a silver platter time and time again, but you always threw it away. Good-bye." The bedroom door clicked shut, then the front door.

Strange how the cheerful energy of the apartment seemed to have left with Duo.

Heero began to clear away the shattered mess of the picture. It was of them on their honeymoon. For the second time in two minutes, his body went cold.

The sound of a car pulling out of the driveway reached his ears and his heart began pounding for some reason. He willed himself to relax. Afterall, he didn't care.

Really he didn't.



Duo stretched, hand groping through the sheets but encountering nothing. Violet eyes popped open in surprise, then he slapped his forehead and grinned sheepishly.

"Saa, he's not here, remember?" Funny, you'd think after six years of separation he'd at least grow used to Heero's absence.

But no. He still instinctively sought out the Wing pilot every morning, only then realizing the reason why he was waking up alone--not that it wasn't a common occurrence even when he WAS with Heero.

Duo sat up and rubbed his eyes sleepily, slithering off the bed and dragging himself to the bathroom. As he washed up, he couldn't shake the feeling that there was supposed to be something taking place today...

"Duo, are you ready?" Hilde's voice rang through the door.

He blinked. "Ready for wha--oh shit!"

The girl spoke once more, this time a little exasperated. "Did you forget Quatre's picnic AGAIN?"

"'Fraid so."

He could almost HEAR her roll her eyes. "That'll be the fourth time. And taking that it's a yearly event, that's four out of five."

"Not my fault!"

"Whatever. See ya at the front door in a few minutes. WITH YOUR BAGGAGE AND SHUTTLE TICKET!"


Duo breathed deeply. "Ah, L4 air at the beginning of the summer never ceases amaze me. More wine please."

Quatre smiled, pouring the liquor into the glass his friend held out. "It's artificial air, Duo."

The American grinned. "So? That doesn't mean it doesn't smell good."

"Good point."

Someone was walking up the hill, though Duo took no notice until everyone suddenly leapt from where they were sitting and ran to the newcomer.

"Heero!" Quatre cried happily. Trowa, Wufei, Hilde, Relena, Catherine, Noin, Zechs, and everyone else present all greeted the long missing pilot while Duo sat, stiff and practically raining cold sweat.

To add to his discomfort, Heero sat right next to him on the picnic blanket...and closer than necessary too.

Quatre then broke right into conversation. "How did you know about this? I mean, you're very welcome but I couldn't find you to send an invitation."

Heero shrugged. "I have my resources."

After that, the picnic carried a light atmosphere, except for two people that were nearly quiet. For them, a tension was building quickly. Heero glanced at his former lover, wondering what he could be thinking. Duo tried his best to ignore him, but found himself helplessly drawn to the muscled figure beside him.

Both were silent for the rest of the picnic.


Night found Duo standing beside the pond, staring out to the water.


The American turned and found himself face to face with the person he'd thought he would never see again until this afternoon. "Hmm?"

"Mind if I join you?"

"It's not my right to tell you what to do."

"Thanks." Heero stepped forward from under the oak three. "How've you been?"

He sighed. "Fine I guess. I've gotta confess I was pretty shocked you didn't marry Relena. Or are you planning to?" He gave his former lover a wry grin.

"I don't love her, Duo."

"Really? Could've fooled me. You always treated her a hell of a lot better than you did me." He pulled out a pack of cigarettes and held it in front of Heero. "Cigarette?"

The Japanese stared at the box motionlessly.

"Suit yourself." Duo shrugged and lit the one between his lips. His manner was aloof and casual, though his heart was pounding so hard it was a wonder Heero didn't hear it.

"Since when did you smoke?"

The American raised a slender eyebrow and gave a humorless smile. "I've always smoked, Heero, ever since I knew what a cigarette was. Guess you never paid me enough attention to notice."

The ex-Wing pilot took a step closer and reached out a hand to the smaller man. To his dismay, Duo backed off and ground out bitterly: "Don't touch me."

"I..." Heero nodded, knowing it was best to give the other more space. "You know the reason why I'm here." It wasn't a question.

Duo smirked. "I'm not the fucking idiot you love calling me, Yuy. I pretty much figured it out when you sat next to me this afternoon."

"Then why are you--"

Duo suddenly whirled, violet eyes accusing and hard as he threw down the half-burnt cigarette and ground it under the heel of his shoe angrily. "Why? You're asking me WHY?!" He laughed, not unlike the maniacal cackle that thousands of OZ soldiers have heard moments before their deaths. "Yuy, it looks like you're even more fucked up than I thought. You ignored my existence except when your cock was up my ass, you used me, you mistreated me, never ONCE have a heard a kind word from you, and you have the NERVE to ask me 'why'?"

Heero winced inwardly at the accusations being thrown in his face. He knew it was true.

Slender hips swayed seductively as Duo sauntered to his ex-lover and pressed his body to Heero's. A cold hand brought the strong neck down and the American hissed in the ex-Wing pilot's ear: "I don't come cheap, Heero. You got me at a discount price, but hey, you loose what you don't treat well. They either break or run away. It's in the rules."

He pulled away and cocked his head at the unmoving Heero. Hellish violet locked with cobalt blue and all was silent until the stoic man spoke up.

"I can't win, can't I?"

Duo shook his head.

Heero's shoulders slumped, and he mumbled something. He seemed to have developed an interest with his shoes, since he kept staring at them.

The braided one leaned closer. "What? Talk louder if you want to be heard."

"I love you."

Duo sucked in a shocked breath. "Excuse me?" He couldn't have heard right.

"I love you, Duo Maxwell. Only I didn't realize it until I woke up alone and wished you were there, and I came home from work without a certain chatterbox telling me about his day. I've done my fair share of regrettable things in my life, but letting you walk out of that front door was the damn stupidest thing I've ever done. I..." Hesitantly, he touched Duo's hand, and his heart soared when the American didn't jerk back. "I've changed, Duo. And I'd like a second chance, if you're willing to give me one."

"It's obvious you've changed; the Heero I know would never have said anything remotely similar to what you just did." Duo sighed, turning to the water once more. "I've changed too, in case you haven't noticed. I shouldn't let you even dream of trying to get close to me...but I'm going to live up to my name. So I'm willing to give you that chance."

Heero then did the one thing the ex-Deathscythe pilot never would've imagined he'd do. He smiled, and Duo's madly thumping heart turned to putty.

Before he lost control and glomped the taller man though, he continued. "Come back to Earth with me in two days; Hilde will return to L2. If you foul this one up though, Yuy, I will never forgive you." He smiled. "Maybe you won't like what I am now. Afterall, I could be a street whore for all you know."

"...Thank you."

Duo waved it off and had just began to retrace his steps back to the house when Heero's quiet request froze every fiber in his body.

"Then can I...kiss you?"

He blinked rapidly then shook his head and tsked. "Man, Heero, you really HAVE changed, haven't you? Before, you would've just taken one, and if I didn't want it, you all but forced it on me."


Duo crossed his arms. "But no, not yet I won't let you. You've got a long way to go before that."

Heero nodded his understanding. "Then just one more thing." He pulled out an old but well-kept photo and pressed it into his beloved's hand. And left Duo staring open-mouthed at the picture.

For one of the two faces gazing back at him was his own. A smirking, triumphant-looking Duo Maxwell, held securely by his lover--a piece of their honeymoon preserved on paper.[1]


Hilde knocked hesitantly on the door of Duo's bedroom. "Duo?"

There was a pause and a scuffle before she heard a startled voice call: "Hilde?"

"Can I come in?"

"Go ahead, the door's unlocked."

Duo was lying on the bed, looking like hell warmed over. Hilde smiled pleasantly at him. "Have you made up your mind?"

The American closed his eyes briefly as if trying to block out the world, then said quietly: "Yes, I have."


The violet gaze was sincerely apologetic. "I can't...I can't marry you, Hilde. I was full set on accepting, but...things happened, and I changed my mind."

The girl's smile wavered. "Is it him?"

Duo looked sharply at her. "Who?"

Hilde's grin returned ten-fold, and she sat next to the braided pilot on the bed. "Oh stop it, you," she chided lightly. "Stop playing dumb. Weren't style you the one that claimed you weren't the baka Heero loves calling you?"

Duo stiffened visibly. "You..."

"Yes, I was eavesdropping. I didn't mean to! But Quatre said last night I could find you by the pond, and...well. I couldn't help watching you two." She tapped the slightly up-turned nose of her stupefied ex. "I love you, Duo. I love you enough that I'll let you go back to him. I want to see you happy."

The American snorted. "What makes you think I'll be happy with him? You know as well as anyone that he's done nothing but the worst to me in the past."

Hilde wagged a playful finger at him. "Ah-ah-ah. That was the PAST. But he loves you now, so very much. He's loosened up almost unbelievably, Duo. And one look at how he looks at you gives everything away."

She hopped up and skipped to the door all in one smooth motion, stopping only to grin at the boy on the bed. "You should take him back. You really should." With that hanging in the air, she left the room.

Duo stared at the door for a good minute longer, then slowly pulled out the photo Heero had given him from where he'd hid it under the pillow. He'd been looking at it when Hilde had knocked.

//This is too much; this is just too much...//


The flight back to Earth was uneventful, and Duo spent most of it sleeping and the rest snacking. Heero was staring at him an awful lot, he noted with an odd sort of satisfaction that he couldn't began to understand. And wasn't sure he wanted to.

After picking up their luggage from the conveyor belt, Duo made a beeline for the parking lot, where he did his best to hug his black Mustang convertible.

//Well, now I at least know he's not a street whore.// Heero thought. He barely had time to react before Duo just about shoved him in the passenger seat and blurred out of the lot.

The American stored the top and stepped on the gas hard, weaving through the honking traffic. His knee-length braid flew behind him as he closed his eyes (!!) and took in a deep breath. "Aaaaaaaaah...isn't she just blissful? I got this baby for my birthday a year ago, and she can hit 500 miles an hour[2], though I've only done it once. Nearly drove my angel into the sea; never tried it again."

While Duo was in heaven, Heero did his best to grab onto his side of the car and not fall out. This went on for a while until the Japanese shouted to his partner: "Will you slow down?" The wind was flying by so loudly, he couldn't hear his own voice.

Duo leaned closer. "What? I can't hear you!"

//Neither can I.// Heero was annoyed. He made a gesture to the speed check in the dashboard and Duo smiled, slowing down to normal highway speed. "Than--"

The sirens of a police car wailed behind them, and Heero immediately felt sick. The friend was going back to 120 again, he knew.

"Whew! Was the fun or was that keeeeeeewl!" Duo crowed happily when they pulled in a driveway. "Both," he answered his own question.


He paused in the careful combing of his bangs to look over at Heero and found his partner glaring at him. //He doesn't look so well,// Duo thought absent-mindedly.

"Nevermind." He shook his head and skipped out of the car.

Heero noticed for the first time the large house he sat in front of. //Nevermind. He's not a whore, period.//

"Heero, you coming?" he heard Duo call from the front door.

He nodded, even though he knew the American wouldn't see and climbed out gingerly. "What about the luggage?" he yelled back. Duo was already in the house. He sighed, popping open the trunk and pulling out both their suitcases. Should've known better than expect his love to help with the work. And Duo was still being pretty cold toward him, not that it wasn't understandable of course.

When he went in the house, he couldn't find the nut case. "Du--?"

The bags were suddenly gone from his hands and the other boy flying up the stairs. "C'mon, I'll show you to your room. I didn't expect you come, so I wasn't prepared."

Heero swallowed. Come...prepared...he felt a redness creeping up his neck. //Ugh! I have to stop staring at his ass...//[3]

Duo finally kicked open a door near the end of the hall and dropped one of the suitcases. "Ah, you can shack up here." Then, without even giving Heero a chance to reply, he grabbed one wrist and dragged him around the house, pointing out things at a rapid rate.

"Here's the bathroom incase you wake up in the middle of the night and nature calls. This is the drawing room. I hardly go in there. I spend most of my time in the library. Of course, you're welcome to the computer room, on the first floor." Duo gave a quirky grin and a saucy wink. "Gotta finish those mission reports, ne Heero?"

The taller man smirked.

"And the kitchen, though I just about never go in there. I have a cook who comes for about an hour every morning to make the food for the day and store it in the fridge. I also have a maid who comes twice a week to clean whatever messes I decide to make."

Duo's hand had somehow slipped down and now clasped Heero's. The Japanese tugged at him, and he stopped.

"Duo...I know it's not my place to pry, but where did you get all this money?"

The braided one smiled a little. "I'm the vice president of Halo Computers. It was down for a while, but now it's back up again."

Heero knew without being told that Duo played a major role in the success of the largest computer company in existence. "How come I've never heard about you before?"

"I asked for my name to be left out of the public knowledge," was the simple answer. Heero didn't realize the implications it held until much later.


After one week under the same roof, eating the same food, and laughing at the same jokes, both began to feel easier in one another's presence. The old kinsmanship they'd experienced during the war was back, only it was different now. Stronger, brighter, more sincere. Strange how a bond severed for six years and grow back to triple its original strength...


Everything was fine and ordinary until one afternoon at lunch.

"Why didn't you come back to me sooner?" Duo asked very carefully.

Heero looked at him for a long time before turning his gaze back to the glass of water his hand toyed with. He mumbled something, cheeks faintly red.

Duo groaned. "Not again, Heero! I'm not hard of hearing, but it would help if you spoke a little louder."

"I said that I wasn't ready."

A confused blink. "What?"

Heero sighed, leaning back in his chair and staring at the ceiling. "After you left, I've been trying to forget you and go on with my life. But it seems that the harder I tried, the less successful I am. So after about a year, I just gave up, hoping that you'd reconsider and crawl back to me."

Duo stiffened, pride shrieking protest.

But Heero, being ever so perceptive, didn't notice. "But you obviously didn't. I was confused as hell for the longest time you know. You used to say that you loved me, yet you didn't even try to come back to me. I couldn't understand." He suddenly dropped his head into his hands. "Quatre should be doing this, not me," he moaned helplessly.

"Go on," urged Duo. He needed to hear this...he needed to know.

Heero downed the remaining contents of the glass. "Then I realized that maybe it wasn't you being selfish, that maybe there was something wrong with ME that drove you away." He sighed. "So I started watching more TV, hoping to learn how normal people react to certain things. I actually tracked Dr. J down and asked why I was so different from others. He just said 'If you WERE like them, you would not be the perfect soldier'. After that, I began to understand. J basically 'humanized' me and here I am."

Duo sat still for a good two minutes before doing anything. "I have a confession to make."

Heero blinked. "And?"

Long, slender fingers intertwined with larger, more powerful ones. //My hands always looked like brittle twigs next to his anyway.// Duo thought with a mental pout. Nevertheless, violet locked with blue. "Aishiteru," he said.

Heero froze, his heart in his throat and pounding as fast as the damned Mustang could go. This of course, gave the American the upper hand.

Duo pushed his advantage, leaned forward, and pressed his lips firmly onto the paler ones of his former-but-also-soon-will-be lover. Heero's eyes widened, then slid shut. His hand slid up the other's shoulder and to his face, caressing the soft skin of his cheek.

//Duo...if anyone ever touches you again, I will see to their castration personally.//


Duo let Heero into his bed that night, but under the condition that they don't do anything. Even with that barrier, things changed after that. There was more heat between them, raging desires and wet daydreams. Yet not once did they go beyond a sloppy lip-lock or a few gropes.


Pulling out a cigarette, Duo flipped open the lighter and lit it. He knew Heero didn't like the idea of him smoking, but as much as he would've loved doing everything his koishii wanted, he couldn't help it. Nicotine equals addiction. Besides, Heero was taking a shower, so just a little--

"Hey!" he cried when his cancer stick disappeared and reappeared in someone else's grasp. Someone who had a death wish.

Heero tossed the offending cigarette in the garbage can and glared at Duo over folded arms. "Yes?" he growled.

The American took time to admire how sexy his love looked in nothing but a towel draped loosely around his waist. "You can't do that!"

A raised eyebrow. "Why not?"

Duo sputtered. "Because it's mine!"

"But you're mine, and I intend to treat well what belongs to me," he used his koibito's own words against him.

The next thing Duo was aware of was that his pockets were empty of the cigarette boxes. The lighter too.


Heero yawned, wishing Duo would hurry up with his washing and come to bed already. He checked his watch. 10:45; Duo should've been out at least twenty minutes ago, however picky his vain koi chose to be that night. Heero just hoped he wasn't still sore that he'd made him go around the house and discard anything and everything that had anything at all to do with cigarettes and liquor.

The bathroom door clicked open and he just about came right at that moment.

Duo. Naked. Hair down. Semi-aroused.

"I'm ready, Heero."

Heero was unable to stop himself from staring. And his lover was determined to make this as difficult as he possibly could.

"What's wrong?" Duo asked sweetly, hand on hip and walking--no, FLOWING to the bed, where one very eager ex-Wing pilot was awaiting him.

"Nothing." Heero's voice was at least an octave higher than its usual pitch.

Duo climbed on top of him and straddled the muscled mid-rif. "I didn't think so." He then changed his mind. "This is my revenge for those cigarettes you made me throw out!" he hissed before claiming those temping lips with his own. But in doing so, he unthinkingly ground their erections together.

Heero had always been the one to recover from a shock faster, and being not one who ignored a golden opportunity such as the circumstances now offered, pinned his beautiful--seducer? angel? devil? all of the above and so much more--to the sheets.

Duo tested the grip on his wrist, but didn't try to break it. Instead, he retaliated with a method of his own. By arching his back into something of a bridge, he was able to rub against his lover and was rewarded with a groan.

Heero was still unsure, so he didn't move.

Sensing his discomfort, Duo looked up at him seriously. "Make love to me," he breathed, throwing back his head and closing his eyes.

Convinced this was alright, Heero stripped himself and licked the long, exposed neck, savoring the little noises of pleasure his lover made. He wanted nothing more than to take that gorgeous body over and over until he was satisfied, but this was their first time together in over six years and he didn't want to scare the American.

His hand was gentle as it slid up and down the slim form beneath him. His index finger brushed one copper-coloured nipple, and Heero was delighted at the gasp Duo gave. Well, there's one thing that hasn't changed about the longhaired beauty over the years.

"Still sensitive there, hmm?"

Duo glared at him, wrists straining against his secure grip. "Hurry up," he whined, impatience clear in his voice.

"As you wish." Heero smirked and tweaked the nipple before he drew it between his teeth. Duo groaned and arched up to meet his famished mouth, his own open and panting. The Japanese man released his wrists then, and he tangled his fingers in the dark brown hair--finer than silk.

He fell back onto the bed with a thump, and Heero kissed him. "You wouldn't happen to have any lube around, would you?" he teased.

Duo's eyes popped open and he blushed. "Top drawer."

"'I wasn't prepared' my ass," Heero growled, yanking open the drawer and fishing out a brand new tube.

The American socked him in the arm. "Be serious!"

Heero cocked his head. "You want me to be serious? Remind me to mark the calendar. And Duo." He paused to take one slender hand and place it on his straining arousal. "Does this seem like a laughing matter to you?"

Duo's eyes widened as he wrapped his hand around the hard member. "No," he whispered, feeling his own erection respond to the contact and his excitement build. "It doesn't."

"Good, it wasn't meant to be." With that, Heero spread the long legs and reached behind them to prod the tight opening he found there with one slick finger, then push in.

Duo began to tremble, clutching the sheets in a desperate attempt to control his breathing. Heero kissed the well-shaped shoulder and neck to distract his beloved from the discomfort he was sure to be feeling.

After making sure Duo was stretched enough, he positioned himself.

"I love you." And with that declaration, he entered that intense heat slowly. While Duo begged and pleaded,his groan was more felt vibrating through his bones than actually heard.

Duo rocked against the welcomed intrusion of his Hee-chan's length, panting. He'd almost forgotten what it's like to be split open so pleasurably, but there was nothing in the world now except him and the man filling him. "Heero!"

"Yes, love?" His koi sounded awfully strained.

"Take me! Take me hard and fast!"

Heero did just that, surging into him again and again, meaningless words erupting from both their throats and rattling windows.

Duo felt his release approaching and his voice rising in volume. It didn't help when Heero rammed into his prostate.

"I--I'm gonna--!!!!!!!!" Duo screamed out his pleasure.

His inner muscles clamped down on Heero's shaft, driving the Japanese over the edge to his own climax. His hips drove against Duo for a few urgent last thrusts, and abruptly stilled. Something of a howl escaped his lips as he came.

Duo barely heard his lover's cry as burning liquid burst from the member buried deep within, pulsing in hot waves into him.

Heero fell on top of the prone body of his koi and just held onto him. He kissed the salty, sweaty skin and lied down beside Duo. He pulled him close, tucking the golden-brown head under his chin and closing his eyes.

Yes. This was the way it was supposed to be. Now he understood.


As usual, Duo groped through the sheets the next morning. Only now, he wasn't surprised to find a broad chest beside him. What did surprise him though, was that the chest was bare and that he was naked. And there was a dull ache in his behind.

//Oh my god...Heero's in bed with me! I mean, he's been in bed with me for the past two weeks, but...// Heero Yuy, not only sharing a bed with him, but had pretty much fucked his brains out not eight hours before.

Duo swallowed, but still propped himself up on his elbows to admire the lax, gorgeous face. It didn't happen often, since Heero woke before him. Two cobalt-blue eyes stared back at him from that gorgeous face. He blushed.

A sneaky hand snaked around his waist and tugged him towards the large body of his former-but-also-current lover, where he was kissed breathless.

"Morning, koibito," Heero just about purred. Duo had never heard him quite like that, but immediately decided that he liked the sound.

"Morning, Hee-koi."

Heero nosed aside a tangled lock of chestnut hair.

Duo made a face at the offending strands. "Aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww! It's gonna be a bitch to brush out."

The Japanese smacked his bottom lightly. "Baka. I'll do it."

The American grinned at him. "Sugoi! That's what I hoped you'd say."


He rested his forehead against the other's. "Hee-chan?"

Heero could barely contain the urge to growl at the nickname. "What is it?"

"I hope you don't expect me to 'come crawling back to you', even though I let you make love to me."

Heero shook his head and kissed him. "No, because I'll come crawling back to you."


^^; There! All done!

[1] Yup! It's the Possessive Hee-chan pic!
[2] ^^; What can I say? Technology of AC203.
[3] Whaaaaat?? It's Heero after EW! He's changed OK?...


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