Angelic Revolution Part 3
III.: Ah! Tenshi-sama!~

Yamada blew a puff of cigarette smoke into the air, satisfied when its center hollowed into a ring.

"Yes," he broke the expectant silence, "I'll do it."

Similar, pleased expressions crossed the other men's faces, and he smirked. Yamada Hikari was singularly handsome in his own, highly un-Japanese way. He had sensual grace, and was not overbearing in the least. Yet at the same time, he carried about him an air of superiority, of self-confidence, of *power* that made any other action unnecessary. Stranger still, his porcelain skin and flowing blue-tinted hair made him almost feminine in appearance. Like a beautiful statue carved from ice. Cold and untouchable while unseen cruelty lurked behind pale turquoise eyes.

He was not a man to mess with.

And yet these idiots had been constantly pestering him for the past two months. Fools, all of them. Every one of those moronic, defeated politicians with impossible dreams and egos ten times too big for their brains.

Oh well, thought Yamada with the slightest twitch of exquisitely curved lips, the sole purpose of the weak is to serve as stepping stones for the strong. Like himself.

"I'll do it," he repeated, "on one condition."

The men's faces showed surprise now, but he continued.

"That you do exactly as I say, when I say it. Or the deal's off."

He could see reluctance making its way amongst them. But the leader, Sanger, was as determined as ever.

"You shall see it done," promised the former general. "OZ will do as you say, when you say it."

Poor, trusting fool. Had the men with him been wiser, they would have noticed that Yamada's smile was just a notch too wide to be purely well-intentioned.

They shook hands.


Duo blinked stupidly at his reflection.

Wings. He had wings.

Magnificent, white, and glowing. Infact, his entire body seemed to take on a strange sort of luminescence.

The expression on Zech's face was more of amusement than surprise.

"White angel wings," he observed thoughtfully. "Mine were blue."

Duo noticed intent stares directed at him, and that was when his state of undress suddenly dawned upon the dumbfounded boy. He flushed a deep crimson and glared at everyone in general.

The look Zechs gave him was sympathetic and knowing.

"Will you quit staring at me like that?" Duo requested with annoyance at all his spectators.

"Aw, but you've got the admit, you're QUITE a picture!"

"I agree, but I don't go for childish types."

"Hidoooooi!!" cried the little blond death nymph, stamping her foot offendedly. "You're so mean!" With that, she thrust up her nose and took to the air, a pair of transparent wings buzzing like those of a bee.

"Meh. Here."

A bundle of cloth rained over Duo's head and he recognized them as the clothes he was wearing before his...transformation. Relief was quickly over-ridden when he realized that it was not exactly easy to fit into clothes unfit for...winged human-turned-angels.

"Oi, this is gonna take a while to get used to."


Quatre cocked his head, one thin eyebrow arched in confusion. "I don't understand," he murmured to himself. "How is this possible?"

The still body before him refused to answer, maintaining its uncharacteristically cold ignorance. The cherubic face of a once lively young man kept still, lax and completely devoid of the stiffness expected of a lifeless form.

"How can your cheeks be so full of color, and your skin warm?" Quatre brushed the back of his hand against Duo's face. "It's almost as if you're just sleeping. And my Uchuu no Kokoro..." His eyes slid closed. "My Space Heart can still feel you, somewhere far from here, yet so close. And that dream..."

//If you can hear me, and I know you can...come back to us, Duo.//




"Are you sure?"


"Are you certain?"

"For Shinigami's sake just do it or I'll pin you up by your ears on my trophy wall."

"Trophy, hmm? Oh, Duo!"

"...!... I did not mean it like that."

"Yup, that's what they all say."

A redheaded death nymph went flying across the room.

Tsuki whistled as her partner smacked into the opposite wall, and Zechs coughed awkwardly. "Violent, aren't we?" The little nymph's eyes sparkled.

Duo flushed. "She...deserved it."

"I'll say she did."

Taiyo returned to the circle once more and joined hands with Tsuki and Duo. "Ready, Duo?"


"You sure?"

"Oh for the love of God!"


Wufei leapt to his feet just as Quatre's head snapped up from his book.

"Quatre?" inquired Trowa.

"Shush," Wufei snapped, hand tightening on his katana. He and the blonde exchanged knowing nods. There was something in the air--

Quatre's eyes widened and he clutched his chest, gasping, "Oh my god, Duo!"

As one, all four pilots bolted out of their chairs into the room of their late friend, and froze in the doorway.

"What in the world..." came from someone.

"He's gone!"

Heero was suddenly out of sight, and the others looked about frantically before turning their gazes downwards to where the Wing pilot was sprawled face down with an unconscious creature on his back. A WINGED creature. A NUDE winged creature.

Quatre's knees buckled and he latched onto Trowa's arm for support. "Oh my lord," he moaned piteously.

Wufei had long since dropped his katana and he fell heavily against the doorframe. "I think we just found Duo."



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