Notes: I used 'she' for Duo in this one because most of it is from Heero's perspective, even though it may not be from his POV. And as far as the poor boy knows, Duo is just a girl. *evil grin*
Heero: Evil onna. -_-

Traitorous Acts Part 3
III.: Clue~

I think I hate her. First, she completely fouls up my mission, then taunts me about it. No, she doesn't say to my face "You can't kill me", but one thing I've noticed about her is that everything she does has an undertoned message. She'd flirt shamelessly with me in public, going as far as to brush those rose petal lips across mine, but there would be a brightsparkle in her eyes, and they said quite clearly "you can't kill me".

But I have seen her other times when she'd watch me thinking no one was looking. There would be a sad twinkle in her eyes. If I hadn't known any better, I would've sworn she was being forced to do something against her will and almost as if she was begging me to save her from them.

Maybe that was why she accepted my hand in marriage.

I hadn't expected her to, then again, she probably didn't expect it either. She'd looked surprised when she said 'yes'. God, I hope she hasn't fallen for me. I may be a killer, a terrorist, but if there was one thing in the world I hated doing, it was break an innocent girl's heart (I will have to when I break the engagement). Then again, 'innocent' would not be a word I'd use to describe her. She knew perfectly everything that went on around her, and what to do about it. I realized that much when she knew exactly who I was--so much for discreet.

But why hasn't she told anyone?

I know that for a fact not only because the king welcomed the idea of my marrying his daughter, but because Princess Duo had given me her word, and it was a well-known fact that she never lied.

She's not even scared of me. I don't understand. If someone was trying to assassinate you, wouldn't it be only natural to try and avoid him if at all possible? But she didn't. Not only did she agree to 'marry' me, but she's with me for just about every free minute we had away from the preparations.

The girl is a mystery, and I have the full intention of cracking it.

It had nothing to do with her being the most beautiful creature I've every laid eyes upon. Really it didn't.


I think I really like him. He's so much fun to toy with! He doesn't show it, but he gets so frustrated when I tease him discreetly. Failing a mission, my dear? Hmm? Must be a first for you.

I accepted his proposal. It was either him or that ugly, mean, arrogant old crow Tsuberov. The very thought of him makes me shudder. I know Heero was shocked stiff when I accepted; it was the first time his face really carried a true expression.

Besides, I know he will break it off later, anyway (either that or kill me, hopefully in my sleep). You just don't marry someone you're trying to kill. It plain doesn't work that way.

I didn't tell anyone about him. What's the use? Who'll believe me? Maybe Hilde and a few other maids, but certainly not anyone else. They'll just say "Oh Princess, maybe you should go lie down. Marriage is a royal woman's biggest step in life. The excitement must be getting to you."

I mustn't be afraid of him. I mustn't show any weaknesses. I've read enough about people nowadays to know that as soon as you begin to relent, they'll be all over you like flies on a wilderbeast carcass.

So I'll just play my part as the happy bride until he breaks the engagement and I'll be on my way. Why do I get a strange feeling when I say that? It can't be because he's so good-looking. ...Can it?


"When are you going to do it?" Duo asked suddenly one afternoon.

Heero looked up from his book. "What?"

The couple was lying on a blanket in the garden as part of the before-marriage 'get-to-know-each-other-better' custom. Duo nibbled half-heartedly at a cracker while Heero read about some weird historical guy.

"You know, kill me."

Blue eyes regarded him with interest. "You seem awfully calm about it."

Duo shrugged and rolled onto her back. "There's nothing I can do. I'm just a helpless princess." The bitterness dripping from her words did not get past Heero.

"No, I suppose not."

"Why not now? We're alone."

Heero glared at her. "The shot will attract too much attention."

To his surprise, Duo reached into the bag she'd brought with her and presented a silencer, smiling all the while. "You forget modern technology, my *beloved* Prince."

"I don't think you a simpleton, Princess. It would be too obvious. Much too obvious."

Duo shrugged and put away the silencer. "Suit yourself."


"Then when? I'd at least like to be ready for the end."

"Give me a few more months."

Duo sat up. "In a few more months we'll be married!"

Heero glared at him. "Not if I have anything to do with it."

The longhaired princess giggled. "Of course. Heero Y--!"

"Quiet!" the prince hissed, eyeing the approaching servant.

"Sir, Princess." The man bowed. "Do you need anything?"

"No," Heero growled dryly. "Go away. We were busy." He didn't realize just how...wrong that sounded until the servant's little black eyes widened and a crimson blush crept to his face. Too late to fix it.

He bowed again hastily. "G-gomen nasai, gomen nasai."

As soon as the poor man was out of hearing range, Duo burst out laughing, rolling around on the blanket and holding her stomach.

"Oh my god!" she gasped. "Smooth move, Slick." He tapped Heero's nose playfully. "Lovely!"

Heero growled and grabbed the slender wrist. It didn't occur to him until later how perfectly Duo's hand fit in his own. He yanked the princess close until his face was mere inches from hers.

She blinked innocently and said in overly sweet tones: "Did you want something?" She rubbed her nose against his.

Heero's eyes crossed briefly, then straightened, and he glared at her, tightening his hold on her wrist. Duo barely winced. "Just how much do you know about me?" he demanded.

"Everything I need to," she ground back, twisting her arm to try and loosen his grip. "Let go of me!"

"Hn." He released her, and she massaged her wrist furiously, scowling.

"Next time give me a warning before you grab me like that, OK?"

He snorted and she stuck out her tongue at him. "Jerk," she pouted.

Duo laid down on the blanket, dress falling back to mold perfectly to her body. Heero flicked a casual glance at his fiancée, and noticed for the first time her curves. She had a gorgeous figure, though something was off. Something he couldn't put his finger on, let alone describe. Then he realized something odd.

Her chest was flat.

Heero blinked. What...? The countless layers of her formal clothing had always concealed that little fact, but she was now wearing a light summer dress. One that concealed nothing.

Then again, some women WERE flat-chested, and the princess was just in that category. It probably didn't mean anything.

He went back to his history book and heard Duo's breathing even out and mellow into sleep. For a reason he couldn't begin to explain, he smiled to himself. After a peaceful hour or so, he noticed it was getting darker. He shielded his eyes and looked up. The sun was beginning to set. Strange. In L1, that didn't happen until nearly eight o'clock.

He turned to the princess and opened his mouth to wake her, and presently found himself stunned and frozen. In the dying light of the sun, her sleeping face was shadowed and highlighted, like a figure from a book of celestial beings.


Nevertheless, Heero cleared his throat and Duo groaned, turning over but refusing to loose her hold on sleep. He shook her, and she opened her eyes, full of alarm and panic.

"What are you doing?" she demanded, sitting up and clutching the hem of her dress with both hands defensively.

"Trying to wake you so I don't have to carry you back," he replied coldly, standing up and gathering his things.

As Heero began to walk off, Duo remained where he[1] was, frantic and berating himself fiercely. //God, how could I be so careless, falling asleep in someone else's presence?! What if he found out? Oh Lord...// His mind babbled on, chiding him over and over for his stupidity.


[1] Yup, I used 'he' for that last bit, since it was from Duo's prospective and he knows what's going on.


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